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Template for a Documentation page of CDA services with the user in mind

The Pope asked Michelangelo: "Tell me the secret of your genius! How did you create David, your masterpiece?!" Michelangelo: "It is simple: I removed everything that is not David".

This is a draft template for public CDA service documentation proposal following our brainstorming. The objective is to focus on the service and not on the organisational structure. The template was discussed with and inspired from a proposal by Michael Ravedoni, Information studies' student, with special interest in information architecture and web technologies. This first draft is made in a twiki, so that CDA members can change and comment. The new site will be build, using Markdown. Please scroll down for mock-up snapshots add comments in the dedicated field below.

A home-made structure to further brainstorm

Top horizontal banner* Nice picture here that means something related to the service *what about the other services?
Page middle Right banner
Service name Service manager's name
What it does in < 5 lines Link to SNOW KB for this service
<5' video on service publicity Link to current SSB incident/intervention/change description
Documentation Link to SNOW for submitting an Incident for this service
  Link to SNOW for submitting an Request for this service
Bottom horizontal banner: Feedback on this site Officially approved cern logo to the right.

The above proposed structure formatted

Made by Alex Manzoni in Axure.



Some ideas on a new web site of CERN CDA services and of a new IT web site structure.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-06-25

Suggestion by Thomas Baron for the Right banner: Add a link to the relevant incident/intervention/change description from (if there is one) or show standard text "No intervention or known incident now".

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-07-20

Thomas in email: More generally, I wonder if we shouldn't try to have this implemented on the Snow service page, because creating a separate page would duplicate at least part of the service information...

On the above, Maria suggested to obtain statistics for SNOW service pages' visits.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-07-20

Some initial thoughts by Tim Smith for the record:

- “publications” if that means journal articles about the service, I think there will be very few, and the section should go at the bottom of the page. If it means articles about the service, such as links to Bulletin news, or HEPiX presentations, then I imagine there would be more

- How will the content of a “how-to” and the “hand-book” be differentiated?

- Shouldn’t we have sections for “use cases” to be explicit about which are covered, and which are not? Or is that somewhere else?

- And a Section for status / lifecycle – which would mark such things as prototype, deprecated etc…

I am happy to leave discussion of these until the brainstorming

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-07-26

Thinking on Thomas's suggestion above: More generally, I wonder if we shouldn't try to have this implemented on the Snow service page, because creating a separate page would duplicate at least part of the service information...

The question is: Should we forget about a .md page for indico (for example) and 'modernise' page: or


-- Maria Dimou - 2017-08-10

Asked for SNOW statistics on indico articles' visits (FE, SE, KB) as this was the service we used for the template example

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-08-15

Thomas suggested at the section meeting today that the SNOW developers see this template. Maybe they accept to give a more attractive layout to the service description pages in SNOW.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-08-23

Notes from 2017-10-19

Based on the Autumn 2017 status I evaluated Jekyll themes and selected these for you to comment on:

1. Candidate themes for the index page, i.e. Mandate and list of Services - an organigram-agnostic version of this:








2. Candidate themes for a given service page (as per our proposal):






-- Maria Dimou - 2017-10-19

Emailed selected CDA members for feedback and now continuing with the Hugo themes' selection.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-10-19

I parsed all the Hugo themes and found nothing dramatically different and better than the Jekyll templates suggested above. Meanwhile, Emmanuel replied in favor of for the entry page and something similar in colour and style for the individual services. We shall discuss this on Wed. 25/10 at 2pm in the social room.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-10-23

Now studying the Hugo vs Jekyll comparison page:

Getting started with Jekyll article CDA internal documentation page

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-10-23

Notes from 2017-10-25

Social room discussion of the CDAPublicDocTemplate (Andreas, Bruno, Tim, Eduardo, Ismael, Emmanuel, Maria).

Reminder of the project purpose: We want to pilot an alternative to the CERN IT service pages starting with a few example CDA services. They should be attractive and easy for the content owners (=service managers) to submit new content, while free from page layout maintenance, which will be maintained by the CDA-WF experts.

Markdown seems to be what people use today. Maria, Bruno and Information Studies' student, future "stagiaire" Sara Reichlen, will make available in some content-full CDA service pages with Jekyll and document the necessary and sufficient steps the service managers will have to learn.

Eduardo will suggest a few of Drupal's new themes to Maria, similar to the layout we want (see previous comment entries with selected Jekyll themes. Drupal themes promised to be ready next spring seem attractive. Drupal is good for managing a variation of page access authorisation rules, Jekyll can't do that. Drupal is a choice made outside CERN IT, rich but heavy, doesn't put Markdown on the podium, which seems incompatible with today's trends what is this?.

gitlab publishing is very discouraging now to novice editors who want to check the published version of their changes, as it requires 2-3 minutes waiting time, due to current gitlab performance issues. Maybe have a jekyll build server to make upload faster?

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-10-25

A very important point brought up by Bruno today:

What page will be between:

the entry page, looking something like this and containing the 4 areas of this, namely: DEVICES, REPOSITORIES, COLLABORATION, THE WEB

and each service page, looking something like this or this and containing individual service info, as per the proposal ?

I think it should be a list of services per area but not as detailed as now, e.g. all the applications/devices' list.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-10-26

Some Drupal 8 themes: (Sorted by popularity)

Drupal 8 Zymphonies Theme: -Demo page:

Zircon: -demo page:

Nexus theme: -demo page:

Drupal 8 parallax theme: -demo page:

-- Eduardo Alvarez Fernandez - 2017-10-30

Notes from 2017-11-01

Drupal: I checked the Drupal 8 themes and found best suiting what we aim at. The others are too loaded for documentation with the user in mind. Noted also a Drupal 8 edit instruction video. Our current conclusion: Give a chance to Markdown, consider Drupal 8 if submitting content is too complex.

twiki: I sent the proposal template to Pete, who will get back to us with modern twiki possibilities.

Hugo: I had a meeting with Thomas Oulevey, who uses Hugo a lot today. He agrees it is equivalent to Jekyll and publishing is similar (with git).

Jekyll: Bruno will adapt for individual service pages to match the draft template. New site will hold the drafts for comments.

Sara (new stagiaire) and myself will work on the content for the entry page containing our 4 areas of this, namely: DEVICES, REPOSITORIES, COLLABORATION, THE WEB and the page between (entry/service).

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-11-01

Notes from 2017-11-06

News from the reflection (Sara+Maria) on the navigation structure:

Entry page: Like with 4 blobs/circles/squares labelled COLLABORATION, DEVICES, REPOSITORIES, THE WEB

Between entry and service page: When one clicks on on one of the above, e.g. COLLABORATION, one gets all relevant services unfolded on the same page, as per (click on TRIER to see what happens). See also case B in attached drawing navigation from home to serviceX.

Each service page: Like that will be adapted to refled our proposal.

Recap of the tools' investigation for our CDA pilot "Documenting with the user in mind":

a. Jekyll: top candidate because of the Markdown policy and a theme that we liked and expertise in the group.

b. Hugo: evaluated but dropped as too similar to Jekyll and not used in the group so far.

c. Drupal 8: good candidate because of organisational policy so far and attractive themes they promise for next spring.

d. twiki: Pete made for the discussion. Pros & Cons: we have experience, it isn't Markdown.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-11-06

CDA members informed via CERN CDA internal post.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-11-06

thanks to CDA members' reactions on we go for scenario A and need a drawing via or axure or balsamiq to see how dense ALL CDA services would look "en pétales de fleurs". The full list is now in pages: + + +

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-11-08

For information:

The editor of TWiki pages can use a markup language.

Markdown is a specific markup language. There are many similarities between markdown (as used in Jekyll ) and the markup used in TWiki pages.

-- Peter Jones - 2017-11-09

Notes from 2017-11-16

Following comments in the CDA workspace, next steps are to continue drawing before implementing anything yet:

make bubbles with exact existing info and bigger 'domain' name.

make squares version with central square with 'domain' name.

make squares version 2 with central square with 'domain' name & sub-domains as per

e.g. Print, Windows, Mac, ... which means there will be a 2nd level of back-squares===> navigation to ServiceX will be the 4th click.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-11-16

Notes from 2017-11-20

Sara made 'Bubbles' and 'Squares' versions now published in CDAPublicDoc and submitted to CDA voting via:

NB! The selected theme contains a 'Blog' customisable space. The group was asked to think about using it. Bruno will now check how to implement this.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-11-20

Apostolos suggested to substitute bubbles with hexagones to save empty space. Looking at examples like I am not sure it is aesthetic and clear enough to justify Bruno's effort.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-11-20

Actually it was Siavas'proposition. As discussed, I'll see if there's a simple way in to subsititute bubbles by hexagones to have a model. Then as Bruno mentioned last thursday, I think it's good to have the same navigation experience between the three levels.

-- Sara Reichlen - 2017-11-20

Here is an example of bubbles in an ordered list OrbitLists. The bubbles are made by adding elements to an html list using ul and li tags.

-- Peter Jones - 2017-12-06

Notes from 2017-12-11

Some notes from the ATLAS Software & Computing Documentation Vidyo Workshop of 2017-12-11. See the whiteboard with live notes, linked from the event Agenda for more. This was our contribution: Slides,same slides, different web server.

  • About 25 people present in the room, others connected remotely.
  • First speaker was Maria Smizanska (Lancaster University (GB)), one of a team of 3 ATLAS members giving documentation and e-group support. It is hard to parse the e-groups, due to heterogeneous nomenclature and multiple owners.
  • About twiki: *There are 8.842 ATLAS twiki pages
    • ATLAS is grateful to IT for twiki search help in 2015-2016. Nevertheless, users still complain about twiki search, especially about protected information which is not retrieved via google search
      • They were thinking of buying a google licence but dropped the idea as this would still need additional configuration work
    • ATLAS also thanks IT for twiki archiving. To avoid confusion due to outdated pages, after archiving, they hid all atlas computing twikis not touched since 2012.
    • ATLAS users can subscribe to an e-group and receive notifications when twiki pages change.
    • ATLAS users also complain about twiki attachments' handling.
    • Tracing the twiki pages' content owners to ensure good maintenance is the biggest problem. Many have left...

  • About web search more generally:
    • People complain about CDS, Indico, twiki searches being disconnected and ask for a common search engine (!?)

  • About Jekyll:
    • They are interested. They have 1 jekyll web site in the area of ATLAS computing.
    • They feel humbled by the amount of twiki pages they already have and ask for a markup-to-markdown conversion tool.

  • About sharepoint:
    • Introduced to ATLAS in 2010 mainly to attach histogrammes and other docs, it appeared spontaneously used for better doc. and comm. Usage stopped after 1 year thanks to Indico and CDS improvements from IT. All audience says that people hated sharepoint.

  • Other impressive points:
    • Some outside institutes don't always agree to use Indico for ATLAS events at their premises. This is a source of "holes" in ATLAS documentation searches.
    • They have a lot of afs-based web sites to migrate to EOS and were happy to hear about the relative video (also about Mail2Print and [MacSelfService).
    • A deaf remote participant asked for subtitles in the e-learning videos. Maria Dimou will write a student proposal for using this tool to transcribe the 48 existing videos in the e-learning collection.

To answer a question at the workshop about capabilities of today's twiki templates to be as attractive as Jekyll themes: Here is Pete Jone's work to reflect [[][the Jekyll template selected for the IT/CDA pilot (see a screenshot of this site here) in modern twiki themes: and and These twikis contain valid IT/CDA-specific content, taken from the current official (drupal-based) IT public pages edited by Maria Dimou.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-12-11

Concerning the Atlas TWiki pages there are in fact over 25000 topics in their 3 major webs. Maria Smizanska was probably referring to the AtlasComputing web . Atlas have a dozen or so webs containing many more.

Markdown has become popular for easy creation of web pages. If Atlas users are considering using this instead of TWiki they should be made aware of the differences between the Markdown software offered and Wiki CMSs, which offer many features ideal for dynamic page creation and collaboration.

-- Peter Jones - 2017-12-12

We can say more to Torre Wenaus, Maria Smizanska and all after our next CDA documentation brainstorming in January. So far, they consider see slides 12,13 here a twiki to wiki migration. I emailed Torre today to say exactly that.

Anyhow, as Tim S. pointed out, what ATLAS needs most is the control of the Content Life Cycle.

-- Maria Dimou - 2017-12-20

Notes from 2018-01-10

  • Check-point on 2018-01-10. Present: Maria, Katerina, Bruno, John, Pete, Emmanuel, Jose, Pedro, Flavio, Pawel, Andreas, Nicola, Tim, Alex, Michal (partly).
  • In brief: Yes for Markdown, working with the preferred Jekyll theme. The site content begins. Today's discussion is: How to write a UserStories-based navigation without overloading the pages or making endless chaotic clicks.
  • Decisions:
    • Merge current content of Your Needs on the homepage with the content of usecases' page.
    • Adopt the term User Stories because they contain multiple services involved for doing something from A to Ω.
    • Tentative headers for our User stories:
      • For Newcomers
      • For Software developers
      • For Engineers
      • For Physicists
      • For authors/publishers
      • For your Communication needs
      • Tools for the Web
    • Each service manager to write their own service page. Maria to write instructions in a README file (= Contribution guide?) in the corresponding gitlab project. She'll inform the service managers via the it-cda mattermost channel.
    • It is good to explicitly mention in the User Stories the service future, e.g. deprecated services. The service manager will reflect this in more detail in the individual service page.
    • Maria will correct the CDA/IC service pages based on today's feedback, i.e.: Put the same top banner everywhere, put the link to the service page on the right banner, ok to repeat SNOW if there is no other public Community Discussion Channel.
    • Nice ideas to re-discuss when site is content-full:
      • Tim: discourse is past its pilot phase, it can be recommended. Bruno can help service managers who wish to adopt it for communication.
      • Andreas: use a series of animated gifs for the top banner, so that the social room looks populated and variant.
      • Flavio: let the user make his/her own view of the services he/she needs.
      • Jose: make a critical mass of User Stories we know and prompt the users to suggest theirs, e.g. physicist just arrives, needs to know all about data location, analysis tools and computing/storage methods.
      • Tim: even if service is not in our group or even in IT, it is good to plot this service interconnection graph for us to understand what is missing or misunderstood.
      • Tim & Jose: an expandable page (content opening up while staying on the same page) is short and more modern. On the other hand, it is good to have it all spelled out on one page, it facilitates string searches.

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-01-10

The above notes and the Markdown editing & Gitlab publishing instructions are now announced, as agreed, in the CDA mattermost channel and the CDA workplace.

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-01-11

Notes from 2018-02-14

  1. Thomas B. suggested the use of to generate dynamically the flower-petal representation of our services as in
  2. Milda N. suggested the use of a tooltip that explains what "deprecated" means in selected services on page
  3. Maria, Vincent, Milda, Bruno to discuss the best technical options for the new winservices website, a site that contains dynamic user info. Discussion document.
  4. Eduardo to show us the drupal 8 features and discuss their port to Jekyll.
  5. Bruno to choose a roadmap tool for his service page (webservices) that others can also adopt. Users often complain about not knowing planned IT services' evolution.

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-02-14

Updates on the above:

On point 3:

Milda's email to Vincent, Bruno, Maria: As far as I understood the main reason for wanting to use the same Jekyll template for win services site as the it-cda site has been consistency of style. I have been thinking about this and I am pretty confident that using CSS even if we do not use the same Jekyll template I can make it have similar style feel so that should not be the main constraint.

I feel that the chosen technology should be mostly based in terms of what the site wants to achieve – so what kind of content should be there (eg static vs dynamic), etc, what kind of users will use it and who will be updating the content.

For this purpose, I have already collected some feedback on the current site with one of the newcomers – I think their perspective is just as important as that of the permanent staff given the amount of interns coming and going to CERN throughout the entire year, many not here long enough to reach the expert user level that permanent staff has. I am also analysing how many different services and sites the current win services site leads to so that I can have a better idea of both user and site requirements. This is still a work in progress, but you can see what I have done so far here:

I am also working on a site map because from my experience at least it is much easier to choose a template or a design for a site after it is clearer on how the content should be organised there and what kind of content should live there.

Finally, once we have some kind of site map it is also possible for me to really quickly do UI layouts based on the site maps – based on which later on it is possible to choose templates and designs for final implementation. Again, from my experience it can both serve as a powerful communication tool between us but it can also act as a much quicker way to prototype and discover what works and what doesn’t and these can even be made interactive with one of the Adobe tools that I now have access to. I have only one screen so far because I realised I cannot do much more there without the clearer understanding of how many different sites are actually linked to the win services site.

You can see the one screen I have for now here. Please note, it is only meant to be a rough prototype:

Those are my thoughts following our meeting. You may agree or disagree with them, but I wanted to share them so you get a sense of what things it could be possible to do and how it could be possible to work on this if you are interested. As mentioned, I am planning on doing a rough site map as an analysis tools to familiarize myself with the win services site anyways as well as the user tests but I can share the findings with you too if you are interested. I also feel with this knowledge in mind it would be much easier for us to choose the technology as well.

end of Milda's email --------------------------

On point 4:

Sotirios Boutas (IR/ECO Web Manager) confirmed to Eduardo that the web assets for non Drupal websites will be delivered within the final version (summer 2018). Nevertheless he sent the website where the assets can be retrieved

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-02-21

Notes from 2018-02-22

Summary of discussions (Vincent, Eduardo, Milda, Bruno, Maria, Michal, Emmanuel), on layout and technology:

As each service page has to be manually edited to integrate a new field in the template and we have 52 services, at least, as per the picture on if you disagree with the proposed layout, please speak up now.

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-02-22

Please note that the assets at concern the new design guidelines for the new CERN website. These assets are still under development and can be used only after the new CERN website is published.

For the moment those should be used for preparation works only.

-- Bruno Silva De Sousa - 2018-02-22

Text posted today in IT-CDA mattermost channel to get feedback from all: Please have a look to summarising the recent discussions we had on currently sharepoint-based Help pages and add your comments, if any. If you scroll UP, you'll see all recent news. You can see here or here the new 'Help' link (with the ambulance icon).

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-02-22

Notes from 2018-04-12

Maria saw page showing lovely clickable bubbles. This is javascript in drupal. Eduardo investigated and found the a much-easier-to-maintain template in the d3 github wiki gallery and the necessary .js library. Maybe this one:

Other clickable bubble examples:


The question is how to integrate it in the selected Jekyll theme.

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-04-12

Here some of the prototypes I was working on, (dynamic) (clickable for zooming) (static)

The option I liked the most is the first one, but probably will require to reduce the elements per section to a maximum or design a "more.." bubble when the limit exceeds.

-- Eduardo Alvarez Fernandez - 2018-04-24

Thanks to Eduardo and Bruno bubbles on page are now dynamic and clickable. Maria to insert the real links behind each service.

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-05-16

Notes from 2018-05-16

We had to make >1 pages for AD because their bubbles were overlapping (see here why). All links are now on . AD section's multiple services are sub-divided with agreement by Michal. Info announced in the IT-CDA mattermost channel. Info sent to Michal K. and Vincent B. by email and to IT-CDA in the relevant mattermost channel. Text was: Clickable bubbles as per your vote in our new Jekyll site under Thanks are due to Eduardo, Bruno, Emmanuel. Place holders exist for all our services. You are kindly asked to put some content. If instructions are unclear, please let me know. Thank you.

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-05-16

Notes from 2018-06-21

Information Science students from Geneva University made the following studies of our site:

  1. Cuche
  2. Lagare
  3. Manivanh
  4. Reichlen
  5. Ku

Thanks are due to the students and their Prof. R. Schneider.

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-06-25

Notes from 2018-08-07

While writing the Markdown documentation for e-learning this discussion on 'pilot phase', 'prototype' and 'lightweight' service is important: classified by Tim and Emmanuel.

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-08-07

Notes from 2018-08-15

Maria D. mailed the group on 13/8 about each service manager entering content in the Jekyll site. edited, Alex Lossent and Michal Kwiatek sent input.

Discussion with Milda today:

  • The purpose of the site should be clear from the user's perspective. So far have a per service navigation covered via page. For user categories we wanted to display tentative headers for our User stories:
    • For Newcomers
    • For Software developers
    • For Engineers
    • For Physicists
    • For Administrative personnel
    • For authors/publishers
    • For your Communication needs
    • Tools for the Web
  • Search is vital
  • Mandate & Sections shouldn't both contain the members. They can stay in one of the 2 places, only IF they contain information on the individual's mission.
  • Check which of our services are promoted in other CERN sites, e.g. experiments' sites, to see what they need most.
  • What do we want from CDA internal users? Blog function ease of entries etc...

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-08-15

Notes from 2018-08-23

Discussion Tim, Emmanuel, Thomas, Maria: write a policy document for all CDA service managers along the lines of this Summary.

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-08-23

Notes from 2018-10-04

-- Maria Dimou - 2018-10-04

Notes from 2018-12-12

Input from Ismael Posada on awarded best web sites and more:

Below you will find some useful links related to the Splash Awards I’ve found out there.



- (where it says Winnaars 2018)

- (this is in Bulgarian, but if you scroll down a bit you will see the winners/nominated pages under ‘Номинации’).

You can click over the nominated sites, and in the new page, you will see a ‘Project site’ or ‘Projektseite’button (like this ) so that you can freely navigate on the mentioned page.

Keep in mind that all these pages are developed mostly in Drupal.

About the future of the open web and open source, I’ve found the original presentation which took place in the Drupal Europe, Darmstadt.


-- Maria Dimou - 2018-12-12

Notes from 2019-02-27

Posted in mattermost. No answer. Questions on slides: 1. Can I make a slide with this specific format (logo, bottom banner, cern blue, copyright statement) in codimd now? I need all slides embedded in tutorials to look "corporate". 2. Can we make a stable web site for all users to make their slides and feel they will live forever? Slides in html from 1999 (stable so far in afs) and instructions for which can't be widely promoted because of the ephemeral codimd and reveal instances today and the simplicity of what can one achieve with these tools, in terms of slides' content sophistication. Thank you! Please reply.

-- Maria Dimou - 2019-03-12

-- MariaDimou - 2017-06-25

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