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BRIL Radiation Simulation This page is intended to include BRIL Radiation Simulation published plots For all BRIL detector DPS notes: Link The BRIL Project...
BRM Approved Results Approved Plots Abstract: ICHEP BCM1F lumi.pdf: ICHEP BCM1F lumi.pdf The goal of the talk: 1)The feasibility of BCM1F as an online luminosity...
CHEP`13 Program Committee FAQ page This page is intended to collect answers to FAQs by the track coordinators (and reviewers) on the proceedings review process. link...
As of Nov 23, this page has been moved here. DanieleBonacorsi November 2014
Cms Builder In this page you will find information how to triger a SCRAM and SCREEN builds from Tag Collector. ArvydasUrbonas 18 Apr 2011
MelikeAkbiyik 04 Mar 2014 Exclusive photoproduction of di Muon pairs in pPb collisions at 5.02 TeV per nucleon Abstract Di lepton production in photon photon collisions...
XDAQ... It`s not a matter of how good you are, It`s a matter of how good you want to be XDAQ is a software platform designed specifically for the development of distributed...
CMS Poster Contest The CMS Communication Group would like to invite all CMS Institutions to enter the CMS Poster Contest. All CB members are invited to communicate...
CMS Public Data A collection of links to public information on the CMS Open Data program can be found in CMSPublicDataLinks. From here on, this twiki gives secondary...
CMS Virtual Visits Definition of the website content What is CMS Virtual Visit? 1 3 min teaser ask Piotr if possible to make from the existing recordings...
Setup Instructions for New Team Members Accounts, Group Memberships, Certificates, Etc. Computing account at FNAL to get this, follow the instructions at...
FSQ 12 013: CWR answers to the comments The comments have been taken from the CDS entry at link. Answers to Greg Landsberg`s comments Dear Authors and the ARC Members...
DT Local Trigger Performance plots with 25ns Bunch Crossing DTLT efficiency as a function of eta, at 50 and 25 ns BX The Drift Tubes Local Trigger efficiency as a...
Performance of the Mean Timer algorithm for DT Local Reconstruction and muon time measurement. Introduction The Mean Timer algorithm exploits the time information...
EEPN2 Main Page This is the main page of the EGYPT NETWORK FOR PARTICLE PHYSICS, (EEPN2). Link to the Work Package twiky pages: 1. (Physics) 1. (Experimental...
Physics page This page is intended to collect information regarding physics analysis and performance studies of people working in Working Package 1 (WP1) of EGYPT...
Facilities Services, Documentation Site Support Documents: Information to plan and setup a new computing site Facilities, Sites, and Subsites twiki...
Fermilab HCAL Teststand Overview The FNAL teststand in the CMS laboratory on the 14th floor of Wilson Hall is a small scale setup of CMS HCAL front end and back...
Job Robot Introduction The Job Robot is an automated system to automatically submit and manage fake analysis jobs using CRAB. It is used as a commissioning tool to...
Welcome to the public Vanderbilt JSWHEP group page. New to CMS? To get the accounts needed for computing and research, go to: JswhepAccountsGettingStarted Pages to...
Common lepton object selection for Z HF, Z jets analysis MUONS Identification: PFmuon tight `VBTF` cuts (replacing innerTrack.numberOfValidHits...
How to run the Nova DIL workflow Step 0: Check out code Check out the common ttH code by following the instructions on the GitHub page here:
OSG PKI Transition: From DOEGrids CA to OSG CA OSG operates a public key infrastructure (PKI) as part of its identity management services. The goal of the PKI is...
Studies of 4 jet production in proton proton collisions at #8730;s 7 TeV Abstract Measurements of the differential cross sections for the production of exactly...
Performances of the Higgs decay to 4 muons analysis with the CMS Phase II detector upgrade Link to CMS PAS FTR 13 003 on the CERN document server. Abstract The performances...
Long range and short range dihadron angular correlations in central PbPb collisions at sNN 2.76 TeV First measurements of dihadron correlations for charged particles...
Azimuthal anisotropy of charged particles at high transverse momenta in PbPb collisions at sqrt(s NN) 2.76 TeV Abstract The azimuthal anisotropy of charged hadrons...
Observation of Long Range, Near Side Angular Correlations in Proton Proton Collisions at the LHC Abstract Results on two particle angular correlations for charged...
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The CMSSW Documentation Suite: The CMS Offline SW Guide Full details of CMS Software (CMSSW) including description of algorithms and software architecture...
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Theoretical and experimental physics at TeV scale Phenomenological papers Top quark condensation Rev.Mod.Phys.71.513 . A Large Mass Hierarchy from a Small...
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0.4 Workbook Guide for Contributors Detailed Review status Goals of this page: This page explains the protocol for adding new material to the CMS WorkBook, and provides...
Glossary and Index A reference document for information and explanations of acronyms and common terms in the CMS computing, grid computing, detector, high energy physics...
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Calibration and Alignment

Complete: 3

Note: this page is now outdated, please refer to the AlCaDB main page.

Mission Statement

The CMS Calibration and Alignment (AlCa) team coordinates the design and implementation of the CA infrastructure with the needs of the sub-detector groups.



Alignment & Calibration Software Coordinators



DPG and POG Database and HLT Contacts


Sub-Detector DPG/POG Contact Database Contact
Pixel tracker Viktor Veszpremi, Gavril Giurgiu, Urs Langenegger Gemma Tinti
Strip tracker Mario Galanti, Loic Quertenmont Gabriele Benelli
ECAL Marat Gataullin, Federico Ferri Jean Fay, Pierre Depasse
HCAL Willis Sakumoto Igor Vodopianov Steve Won
Muon DT Antonio Vilela Pereira Paolo Ronchese
Muon CSC Darin Baumgartel Igor Vorobiev
Muon RPC Marcello Maggi, Marcello Abbrescia Michal Szleper,Marcello Maggi
Beamspot Kevin Burket, Lenny Spiegel, Verena Martinez Kevin Burket, Lenny Spiegel
L1 conditions N/A Werner Sun
JEC Ricardo Eusebi, Mikko Voutilainen Kostas Kousoris, Salvatore Rappoccio
Tracker dE/dx templates Loic quertenmont Loic Quertenmont
BTag POG Cristina Ferro Cristina Ferro
Tau POG Evan Friis, Christian Veelken Evan Friis
Muon POG: P scale and resol Roberto Castello,Javier Santaolalla Roberto Castello,Javier Santaolalla
Muon POG: MC conditions validation Andrea Perrotta, Rocio Vilar Cortabitarte
Muon POG: data conditions validation Alicia Calderon Tazon
EGamma POG Yurii Maravin, Florian Beaudette
HI Analysis Objects Edward Wenger,Yetkin Yilmaz Edward Wenger,Yetkin Yilmaz
Castor Luiz Martins Mundim Filho


Sub-Detector DPG Contact Database Contact
Tracker Roberto Castello, Gero Flucke Roberto Castello, Gero Flucke
Muon DT Luca Scodellaro Luca Scodellaro
Muon CSC Yuriy Pakhotin Yuriy Pakhotin

Trigger Studies Group:

Calibration Stephanie Beauceron
Alignment Javier Fernandez

Heavy Ions:

Contact person: Bolek Wyslouch

Possible differences in calibration procedeures between pp and HI are summarized here

Open tasks in Alignment and Calibration

Important: a list of vacant tasks in alignment and calibration that we would like to fill very urgently can be found under CMS.AlCaJobs.

CMSSW Software

Release Planning

The list of new features planned for upcoming releases can be found here: AlCaReleasePlans

Submission of New Tags

To submit new tags for the release the developers are required to:

Release Validation

The list of validation contacts and validation results for each new release can be found here: SWGuideValidationTableAlCa NEW

The Matrix of which RelVals are run for which RelVal samples can be found here: AlCaRecoRelVals

Release Notes

Release notes relating to calibration and alignment can be found at SWGuideCalAliReleaseNotes31X NEW

The original list of deliverables for 31X is here: AlCa31XDeliverables

Global Tags for Conditions

For information on global tags for conditions data, including how to include conditions in a CMSSW job, see SWGuideFrontierConditions

Tag collector for the Global-Tag.

The instructions for the Tag collector for the Global-Tag can be found here

Policy for global tags for data taking

For details see GlobalTagPolicy

Operations and sign-off procedure for constants updates

The operational procedures for proposing constants updates can be found under AlCaConstantsOperations. The protocol of the constants sign-off sessions can be found under
and AlCaSignOff

Mis-calibration and mis-alignment scenarios

Some global tags for MC production apply a smearing of alignment and calibration constants defined through certain mis-calibration and mis-alignment scenarios. Details concerning these scenarios can be found here: AlCaScenarios.


The set of AlCaRecos to be run for each primary data set during different phases of data taking is documented here: AlCaRecoMatrix.

Trigger Bits for AlCaReco

The set of trigger paths used as input for each AlCaReco skim is documented here: SWGuideAlCaRecoTriggerBits


  • Instructions to use the Offline Drop Box can be found here
  • Instructions to upload DQM files to the DQM GUI can be found here
  • Intructions to use the crab/WMBS automation can be found here


Calibration and Alignment Workflows


Conditions Database


Policies and Conventions

Run-Based MC

* Please follow the instructions to prepare conditions tag for the run-based MC production test.

CSA07 and CSA08 Exercises

Other Links

Old Links

GT Management Tools


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Editor/Reviewer and Date Comments
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OanaBoeriu - 09 Mar 2007 page content last edited
JennyWilliams - 27 March 2007 transferred page into swguide

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