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ATLAS Run-2 Detector Status (from July 2017)

Subdetector Number of Channels Approximate Operational Fraction
Pixels 92 M 97.8%
SCT Silicon Strips 6.3 M 98.7%
TRT Transition Radiation Tracker 350 k 97.2%
LAr EM Calorimeter 170 k 100 %
Tile Calorimeter 5200 99.2%
Hadronic End-Cap LAr Calorimeter 5600 99.5%
Forward LAr Calorimeter 3500 99.7%
LVL1 Calo Trigger 7160 99.9%
LVL1 Muon RPC Trigger 383 k 99.8%
LVL1 Muon TGC Trigger 320 k 99.9%
MDT Muon Drift Tubes 357 k 99.7%
CSC Cathode Strip Chambers 31 k 95.3%
RPC Barrel Muon Chambers 383 k 94.4%
TGC End-Cap Muon Chambers 320 k 99.5%
ALFA 10 k 99.9%
AFP 430 k 93.8%


  • For the Pixel status: 3-Layers Pixel (80 M channels) - 97.5%; IBL (12 M channels) - 99.3%
  • For Tilecal the number of cells (including gap and crack counters) are included
  • For CSC, the number of alive channel is lower than before due to the failure of the cooling of one chamber that cannot be operated and the presence of one layer with a broken wire in another chamber
  • For RPC, most inactive channels are due to HV channels that cannot be turned on because one (of several) gas gaps connected to that channel cannot be operated. Some of the disconnected channels are actually operable and can be made to work by an intervention in the cavern during TS1.
  • The number of channels for AFP has doubled since last year after the installation of the second arm
  • Detectors with fewer than 100 channels are not reported


ATLAS Run-2 Detector Status (from May 2017)

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