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The main Event Display Public Page gives an overview on all available public event displays.


Beam Splash Events

Event display of one of the collimator "splash" event seen by the ATLAS experiment in LHC Run-2 , on Tuesday April the 7th : event 22425, run 260466. The collimator position is 140m in front of the ATLAS interaction point. The spray of particles enters ATLAS from the left hand side of the picture. The length of the yellow bars indicates the energy deposited in the ATLAS calorimeter.

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Cosmic Ray Events

Atlantis event display of cosmic ray event 4472609 from run 246892. A cosmic ray is shown passing through the IBL, the newly installed pixel layer of the ATLAS detector, in the presence of a solenoidal magnetic field. The IBL is the inner-most layer in the display. The three layers surrounding the IBL are the other layers of the Pixel detector, and the four outer-most layers seen are the Semiconductor Tracker (SCT). These data were recorded during milestone run 7 (M7) which is being used to re-commision the ATLAS detector for Run2 startup.
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