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  This page collects public results for the performance of the FTK system. The technical design report can be found here. Figures from the TDR are collected on this page.

April 2019 Run 2 results

Distribution of track transverse momentum (pT) from an FTK slice. A single Data Formatter (DF) board provides partial coverage of Tower22, which spans -1.5 < η < 0 and 1.6 < φ < 2.0. The plot covers a subset of 380,000 events from Run 364485, a special high pile-up run with average interactions per crossing ρ = 82, collected in October 2018. FTK tracks with Insertable B-layer (IBL) hits were excluded, due to a FTK module ordering problem that caused incorrect hit positions in the run. The cause is understood and the fix is being implemented. FTK tracks are matched to offline tracks within Δ R < 0.02. The last bin contains the overflow.


August 2018 12-layer event displays

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="r00358407_Fraction_of_Matched_Events_ignoreGuessed_ignoreMSBs_8.png" attr="" comment="2018 AUX->ROS plots" date="1536927579" name="r00358407_Fraction_of_Matched_Events_ignoreGuessed_ignoreMSBs_8.png" path="r00358407_Fraction_of_Matched_Events_ignoreGuessed_ignoreMSBs_8.png" size="13855" user="tompkins" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="r00358407_Bitmask_vs_Time_NoneMiss-eps-converted-to.pdf" attr="" comment="2018 AUX->ROS plots" date="1536927579" name="r00358407_Bitmask_vs_Time_NoneMiss-eps-converted-to.pdf" path="r00358407_Bitmask_vs_Time_NoneMiss-eps-converted-to.pdf" size="92027" user="tompkins" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="r00358407_Bitmask_vs_Time_NoneMiss.png" attr="" comment="2018 AUX->ROS plots" date="1536927579" name="r00358407_Bitmask_vs_Time_NoneMiss.png" path="r00358407_Bitmask_vs_Time_NoneMiss.png" size="16810" user="tompkins" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="plotKinematics_pt_noIBL_histobugfix.png" attr="" comment="pT no IBL" date="1556185856" name="plotKinematics_pt_noIBL_histobugfix.png" path="plotKinematics_pt_noIBL_histobugfix.png" size="14404" user="strom" version="1"
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