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AFP figures


Plots from RUN2 - SiT
In the figure the extrapolated (X,Y) position in the Station A NEAR, Plane 0 of the reconstructed tracks during the HV studies performed in November 2017 is shown. Tracks are reconstructed using plane 1, 2 and 3 using1 or 2 pixel clusters and extrapolated to Plane 0. Different occupancy regions with different track multiplicities are defined and used to study the tracker plane hit reconstruction efficiency.

In the figure the hit reconstruction efficiency as a function of bias voltage is shown for three different occupancy regions. The high (medium; low) region is the one with the occupancy between 100% and 70%(70% and 30%; less than 30%) of the 60V data.The efficiency is computed by matching the position of 1 or 2 pixel clusters to the extrapolated tracks within a window of one pixel,and normalized by the total number of tracks. Full efficiency is recovered for all the regions for bias voltages larger than 40V.

Plots from RUN2 approved on Feb 2018
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  • FAA_Plot5.jpg:
  • AFP_tracks_eff.jpg:

  • AFP_tracks.jpg:

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