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PLOT-FDET-2019-17 AFP-SiT Interplane Alignment

RUN2 - PLOT-FDET-2019-16 AFP-ToF Vertex Match in 2017 Data (CDS: https://cds.cern.ch/record/2675832 )
The distributions of z_ATLAS - z_ToF measured in events with ToF signals on both sides of the interaction region in run 341419, where z_ATLAS is the primary vertex z-position reconstructed by ATLAS. The z_ToF is obtained as z_ToF = -c/2 Delta(t), where Delta(t) is the time difference of proton arrival times in A and C far stations of the AFP measured by ToF. The distributions shown in figures a)-d) correspond to ATLAS data containing a reconstructed primary vertex together with coincidence of signals in both ToF detectors in three cut scenarios with respect to number of vertices reconstructed by ATLAS, 'no N_vtx cut', 'N_vtx <= 5' and 'N_vtx <= 3', respectively. A double Gaussian function representing the signal and background components is fitted to unbinned data samples using the extended likelihood fit as implemented in RooFit in all N_vtx cut scenarios. The mean of the signal component as well as the mean and width of the background component are always estimated from a Gaussian fit to the mixed event data (ME) in each N_vtx cut scenario separately, denoted as mu_sig^FIX, mu_bgd^FIX and sigma_bgd^FIX. The mixed event data z_ATLAS - z_ToF distributions are obtained by random mixing of times measured by ToF in either station and the z_ATLAS values which do not originate in the same collision event. The expected resolution of the ToF detector, quoted as sigma^ToF_expected is obtained from the known single-channel resolutions convoluted with the actual channel-hit-patterns observed in the data in the 'no N_vtx cut' scenario.

RUN2 - PLOT-FDET-2019-17 AFP-SiT Interplane Alignment (CDS: https://cds.cern.ch/record/2675953/)
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