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Particle Identification

Pixel dE/dx plot calculated using the Pixel cluster charge, and the track’s angle to determine the dx. The maximum charge contribution is skipped when the mean is obtained. This is to limit the Landau tail. The dE/dx is divided by the silicon density.
Pixel dE/dx plots with Lambda(bar) selection
  • Using stable-­beam sqrt(s)=900 GeV Data from 2009 (same dataset that is used for the K0s, Lambda(bar), Armenteros plots), including good Run and LB selection.
  • Apply Lambda track selection + invariant mass cut (1115.7 ± 3) MeV
  • The width cut (± 3 MeV) corresponds to about 1σ of the Lambda(bar) peaks.
  • Only the positive tracks for the Lambda decays (proton candidates) and the negative tracks for the LambdaBar decays (anti‐proton candidates) are displayed.
  • The (anti-­) proton bands are dominant; also visible background from pion tracks.
eps version of the figure
Pixel dE/dx plots with Lambda(bar) sideband selection
  • Similar to previous Lambda(bar) selection plot, but the invariant mass cut selects sidebands which are ± 5σ off from the Lambda mass peak.
eps version of the figure

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="dEdx_LambdaSidebands.eps" attr="" comment="" date="1308155888" name="dEdx_LambdaSidebands.eps" path="dEdx_LambdaSidebands.eps" size="128393" stream="dEdx_LambdaSidebands.eps" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp27884" user="andreazz" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="dEdx_LambdaSidebands.png" attr="" comment="" date="1308155904" name="dEdx_LambdaSidebands.png" path="dEdx_LambdaSidebands.png" size="29604" stream="dEdx_LambdaSidebands.png" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp27976" user="andreazz" version="1"
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