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[Jet resolution] Jet resolution vs the jet transverse momentum for various jet collections. Fractional jet energy resolution as a function of the average jet transverse momenta for events with two jet in the same rapidity bin for the four different JES strategies in ATLAS: EMJES, Global Cell Weighting (GCW), Local Cluster Weighting (LCW) and Global Sequential (GS) calibrations. The lines correspond to the fits on data for each JES scheme respectively. The lower plot shows the relative difference between Monte Carlo and the data results. The black dotteERDid lines indicate a relative uncertainty of 10 %. eps file

[Jet resolution relative improvement] Relative improvement in fractional jet energy resolution as a function of the average jet transverse momentum, for Global Cell Weighting (GCW), Local Cluster Weighting (LCW) and Global Sequential (GS) calibrations. The EM+JES jet calibration scheme is taken as baseline (black dotted line). The improvement is found to be up to 30 % at 400 GeV for the three JES schemes. eps file

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