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Approved plots that can be shown by ATLAS speakers at conferences and similar events. Please do not add figures on your own. Contact the responsible project leader in case of questions and/or suggestions. Follow the guidelines on the trigger public results page. (Chrome & Firefox on MacOS have a problem to show the plots and it works for Safari.)

Level-0 MUON Trigger with multiple systems

L0Muon trigger efficiency as a function of the truth muon pT (in the barrel region): ATL-COM-DAQ-2019-128 (14 Aug 2019)

Expected trigger efficiency for the Level-0 muon trigger with inclusions of MDT information (red) and without MDT (orange), compared with offline efficiency (green). The efficiency values relative to muons as trigger performance are obtained for muon tracks in the Large sectors in the barrel. The efficiency values are relative to a transverse momentum (pT) trigger threshold of 20 GeV. The values are obtained from single muon MC samples with no pile-up. Background level for the "Phase-II RPC" option is significantly higher than that for the "Phase-II RPC & MDT" option. .pdf

contact: Davide Cieri

Level-0 RPC Trigger

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Level-0 TGC Trigger

Performance of trigger algorithms in software and firmware implementations: ATL-COM-DAQ-2019-081 (25 Jul 2019)

Expected efficiency for the Level-0 muon trigger with HL-LHC scheme (red) and with LHC Run-2 scheme (blue) . The efficiency values relative to offline muons as trigger performance are obtained for a pseudorapidity range 1.05 < |η| < 2.4 and a transverse momentum (pT) threshold of 20 GeV with a single muon Monte Carlo simulation sample for the HL-LHC scheme, and data taken in 2018 for the Run-2 scheme. The HL-LHC scheme is based on Thin Gap Chamber (TGC), Tile Calorimeter (TileCal) and New Small Wheel (NSW). The HL-LHC scheme assumes track segment reconstruction with TGC hits by a pattern matching algorithm combined with the TileCal and NSW information for the determination of pT. The segments from Monitored Drift Tube are used to emulate the NSW segments. The HL-LHC scheme provides a higher efficiency in the plateau region with better rejection of low pT muons. The high efficiency at the plateau in the HL-LHC scheme comes from a loose condition for the coincidence among the TGC layers in the pattern matching algorithm, which requires 5 hits in 7 layers. The better pT resolution in the turn-on curve is from improvements in the TGC track reconstruction algorithm. .pdf
contact: Yuya Mino & Toshi Sumida
Estimated rate of the Level-0 single muon trigger at HL-LHC based on Thin Gap Chamber, Tile Calorimeter, and New Small Wheel for a pseudorapidity range 1.05 < |η| < 2.4 and a transverse momentum threshold of 20 GeV. The segments from Monitored Drift Tube are used to emulate the NSW segments. Events in the Run-2 data sample taken in 2016 with the zero-bias trigger are used for the point with 1x1034 cm-2s-1 and overlaid to account for higher luminosity points. The number of the simultaneous interactions in each bunch crossing ("pileup") in the original data is 27 in average. Pileup conditions at higher luminosity values are simulated for each event by overlaying a number of zero-bias events drawn from the expected distribution for that luminosity. The solid line shows a fitting result by a linear function crossing the origin. The dashed lines show the trigger rate at the luminosity in the HL-LHC (7.5x1034 cm-2s-1), calculated from a nominal number of pileup (200). .png
contact: Yuya Mino & Toshi Sumida
Distribution of the polar angle difference Δθ between a track segment reconstructed by a pattern matching algorithm with Thin Gap Chamber (TGC) hits assumed to be used in the Level-0 muon trigger at HL-LHC and a track segment reconstructed by an offline algorithm based on Monitored Drift Tube (MDT) hits. Precise measurement of the track segment angle is profited to determine muon transverse momentum and obtain sharper efficiency turn-on curves. The TGC pattern matching algorithm is implemented in a Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA XCVU9P on an evaluation kit. Test vectors of TGC hits are obtained from Monte-Carlo (MC) sample and used as the FPGA inputs. The FPGA outputs are compared with the offline track segments based on MDT hits. The offline track segment is considered to be a reference, thus the width of Δθ distribution is regarded as resolution of the TGC pattern matching algorithm for muon tracks used in this study. The MC sample includes a muon in each event, and the events are selected by requiring exactly seven TGC hits on the seven layers, i.e. neither missing hits nor cross talks, in a pseudorapidity range 2.13 < η < 2.16. Memory usage of the algorithm in this study corresponds to about one third of the total memory resource of XCVU9P when a full η range of the endcap is included. .png
contact: Haruka Asada & Yasuyuki Horii

Level-0 MDT Trigger

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