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PLEASE READ, if your page is NOT related to a public ATLAS result (otherwise remove this disclaimer)
  1. Change the Subject: (very bottom) e.g. to "grid", "detector", etc.
  2. You are NOT allowed to place any link from the WebHome page or any Public results page to your new page
  3. You should NOT use the %ATLASPUBLICHEADER% at the very top of your page.
For questions: please do not hesitate to contat atlas-twiki-support@cernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch
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Please ensure this page is compatible with the ATLAS Twiki Rules. Thank You - your ATLAS TWiki Support team
In particular:

  1. Page is linked from another TWiki page - this is natural if you create a page by introducing a new link on a page and then create the page by clicking on "?". Do NOT create pages in other ways - else the parent (listed at top of page) will be WebPreferences, which is not correct.
  2. Page name must be a WikiWord of the form
    • Uppercase letter(s), followed by
    • Lowercase letter(s) or number(s), followed by
    • Uppercase letter(s)
    • Additional lowercase or uppercase letter(s) or numbers are optional and may follow in any order.
    • Underscore "_" and Dash "-" are not valid in the name
  3. Pages must have an appropriate Metadata Parent - if you don't understand what this means, look at the ATLAS Twiki Rules.
  4. If there are technical problems or questions not covered on the Atlas Documentation TWiki, please contact PatrickJussel or MariaSmizanska.


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