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Cherenkov counters detect the light emitted by charged particles passing through a medium when the velocity of the particle is greater than the velocity of light in the medium.it is possible to fill the detector with a gas, possibly under pressure, so that the detector will respond only to particles with velocities exceeding some minimum value.


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Location of the T9 Cherenkov detectors


Technical Drawings

  • Cherenkov Drawings:
    CherenkovNotes.JPG CherenkovMirror.JPG CherenkovMidAssembly.JPG CherenkovEndAssembly.JPG
 -- CandanDozen - 2015-03-18

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Cherenkov_locations.jpg" attr="" comment="Annotated photo of Cherenkov detectors in T9 beamline" date="1426787354" name="Cherenkov_locations.jpg" path="Cherenkov_locations.jpg" size="2523443" user="brooks" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="CherenkovNotes.JPG" attr="" comment="Cherenkov Drawings" date="1450102809" name="CherenkovNotes.JPG" path="CherenkovNotes.JPG" size="5738141" user="brooks" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="CherenkovMirror.JPG" attr="" comment="Cherenkov Drawings" date="1450102809" name="CherenkovMirror.JPG" path="CherenkovMirror.JPG" size="6188760" user="brooks" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="CherenkovMidAssembly.JPG" attr="" comment="Cherenkov Drawings" date="1450102809" name="CherenkovMidAssembly.JPG" path="CherenkovMidAssembly.JPG" size="5834085" user="brooks" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="CherenkovEndAssembly.JPG" attr="" comment="Cherenkov Drawings" date="1450102809" name="CherenkovEndAssembly.JPG" path="CherenkovEndAssembly.JPG" size="4639244" user="brooks" version="1"
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