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Cherenkov counters detect the light emitted by charged particles passing through a medium when the velocity of the particle is greater than the velocity of light in the medium.it is possible to fill the detector with a gas, possibly under pressure, so that the detector will respond only to particles with velocities exceeding some minimum value.
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  Via Lau Gattignon: "The PMT is still the same type. The [mirror] is in fact 25 microns thick and mounted at 45 degrees (thus effectively 35 microns). It is made of AL or aluminised mylar. In both cases it is negligible compared to the other material (gas and vacuum windows)."
The mirror is Aluminium foil glued to a frame, the inside dimension of the frame is an ellipse 274 x 196mm. It is tilted to 45 on a fixture in the PMT bell.
XP2020Q Datasheet

Location of the T9 Cherenkov detectors

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