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Task list for BL4S 2015:


Topic DateSorted descending Action
CrystalUndulator 2015-08-20 Assembled goniometer in B4 office
CherenkovCounter 2015-08-18 Worked with the beam instrumentation people to change gas in the Cherenkov volumes
Achieved a vacuum of 10 mBar
CrystalUndulator 2015-08-05 In contact with Ulrik Uggerhøj about goniometer at CERN
ScintilatorCounter 2015-07-29 Sketching small trigger scintillator
MonitoringSoftware 2015-07-28 New monitoring programs: DWCTracking and DWCBurstDisplay
VideoStreaming 2015-07-27 Set up BL4S-CAM-02 & 03 - FMLE installed and streaming on boot
VideoStreaming 2015-07-22 Received BL4S-CAM-02 & 03 - registered and HDDs installed
WebcamDetector 2015-07-20 Opencv installed on pcbl4sleo4g PC.
WebcamDetector 2015-07-16 Centos 7 installed in new hard disk. PC name is: pcbl4sleo4g.
VideoStreaming 2015-07-13 Flash Video live Encoder installed
Tested streaming
Tested stream on boot
CrystalUndulator 2015-07-10 Vidyo meeting with SimonHConnell and TimBrooks - discussed simulation results and planning
CrystalUndulator 2015-07-01 Meeting with SergioBallestrero, MarkusJoos and TimBrooks - discussed status and plans moving forwards
DelayWireChamber 2015-06-30 Installed regulator - need different pitch compression fittings to attach flow meter
Tested front end electronics with pulse gen and scope
VideoStreaming 2015-06-29 Ticket resolved - Windows activated remotely - Marek contacted
VideoStreaming 2015-06-26 Opened ticket with IT INC0813421
CrystalUndulator 2015-06-24 Vidyo meeting with SimonHConnell, MarkusJoos and TimBrooks - discussed experimental requirements
DelayWireChamber 2015-06-23 Borrowed LV power supply and Arb. pulse gen from electronics pool
Discussed operation with Cenk and Jorgen
VideoStreaming 2015-06-23 Put new HDD in BL4S-CAM-01 and installed Windows 7 x64
WebcamDetector 2015-06-23 Managed to disable MJPEG compression on camera
DelayWireChamber 2015-06-17 Took receipt of 2 chambers from JensSpanggaard
Got a selection of Gas fittings, thanks to KonstantinZhukov
CrystalUndulator 2015-06-16 Met with SergioBallestrero and SimonHConnell to discuss support for Team
VideoStreaming 2015-06-16 Met Marek to discuss webcam setup
Put BL4S-CAM-01 in office
WebcamDetector 2015-06-16 Vide for Linux (V4L2) installed on bl4sdaq/blrsdaq1 PC for controlling webcam from Linux.
yum install v4l-utils
WebcamDetector 2015-06-15 Pixelman s/w installed on centos 7 , connected TimePix device to PC.
CrystalUndulator 2015-06-12 Contacted LauGatignon about magnet system
Spoke to Jerome Alozy about rotation stage for crystal
WebcamDetector 2015-06-12 Met with Jerome Alexandre Alozy for TimePix. Decided to use webcam between 2 TimePix to compare the webcam results.
MRPC 2015-06-11 Recieved pin headers for board interconnects
WebcamDetector 2015-06-04 ffmpeg s/w installed on bl4sdaq PC ,tested.
MRPC 2015-05-26 Recieved PCBs
MRPC 2015-05-21 Received DIN connectors and resistors from Farnell, and caps from CERN stores
MRPC 2015-05-16 Drew the enclosure in more detail
Reminded TRT folks about enclosure requirements
StrawTracker 2015-05-15 Integrate UDP recv into DataChannel
Tested correction to error handling code
Received data from udp_sender_receiver test program, recoding it to disk
StrawTracker 2015-05-13 Integrate UDP socket code into rcd_trb Module
Looked at RAW event format
Worked on error handling code
Loaded module on BL4S DAQ hardware and tested error handling
DaqSoftware 2015-05-11 Testing rcd_empty
  • Added Jorgens schema file for rcd_trb package - can do this with oks_data_editor:
    Right click on a Data File and select 'Details', right click in the 'Include files' list and select a location in the 'Add from' sub menu.
  • Using schema, created a ReadoutModuleTRB object called TRBModule contained by the RCD object called BL4SApp
  • Created a HW_InputChannel called TRB_channel_0 contained by TRBModule and a resource of the Segment called BL4SSegment
  • Compiled all modules in dbg mode
  • Switched to prefer dbg code and enabled tracing on RCDExample packages
  • Ran BL4S partition and confirmed configuration and transitions of modules were as expected
  • DaqSoftware 2015-05-07 Monitoring beam muons
  • Spoke to Sergeui.Kolos about oh_display and ohp - directed us to /afs/cern.ch/atlas/project/tdaq/inst/tdaq/tdaq-05-05-00/ohp/share/example.conf.xml
  • Started first recording of beam muons on H8 line (run 1431024945)
  • MRPC 2015-05-06 Sent finalised designs to TS-DEM.
    DaqSoftware 2015-04-30 Long run testing
  • Ran part_BL4S and TRT_Testbeam overnight
  • Both remote IGUI instances had gone
  • part_BL4S had lost a few processes
  • Later on, PMG was briefly unavailable: - This may be due to some of the partition being restarted with a new IGUI - will retest with a clean partition
  • Agent log: bl4sdaq.cern.ch:/logs/tdaq-05-05-00/initial/pmg_agent_bl4sdaq.cern.ch_1430324493.out
  • Last job (test_app_pmg -p part_BL4S -H lnxpool41.cern.ch -a BL4SApp) ran at 17:52:27
  • Next batch of jobs all started at 17:52:49
  • RootController (bl4sdaq:/logs/tdaq-05-05-00/initial/DefaultRootController_bl4sdaq.cern.ch_1430324568.err) raised TIMEOUT at 17:52:44
  • StrawTracker 2015-04-24 Discussion of Readout architecture with Markus and Jorgen
    Jorgen proposes writing a RCD_empty package into which we can add TRB specific code
    A TRBscope program should be written to capture data from the TRB
    The TRBscope can explore the data format and understand handling of UNIX sockets
    A TRBemulator could be written to send arbitrary data at arbitrary times, or replay a sequence of packets from the TRB
    Ultimately the TRBscope code should be integrated into the RCD_empty package to form an RCD_TRB package that can run in the BL4S data-taking partition
    TimePix 2015-04-20 Trying Pixelman on SLC6
    StrawTracker 2015-04-08 Working with Elena Zarkh
    Set up DAQ PC and electronics
    Dual timer is tricky to start up as a pulse generator
    Used switch box to view test pulses from front end electronics
    Found that the TRB needs a LVDS trigger, when disconnected it free runs to around 40kHz
    The trigger box (based around one of the level converter cards) accepts TTL level signals and outputs LVDS across all channels
    Some channels seem to be flipped or offset - check trigger box outputs when setting up
    Outputs are on a pin header so one can use the switch box to probe the channels, connecting to a scope over LEMO cables
    The discriminator for one of the channels had a very narrow pulse width, killing the coincidence rate - we adjusted this up to ~100ns
    We measured the coincidence rate of the scintilators to be just below 10Hz
    A small test run did not collect any meaningful statistics
    Overnight run started ~21:50
    StrawTracker 2015-04-07 Meeting with Elena Zarkh
    Started HV for overnight conditioning
    Found DAQ PC(styxbn.cern.ch) had a dead power supply
    Borrowed PSU from bl4sdaq1 for the moment
    StrawTracker 2015-04-02 Meeting with Konstantine Zhukov
    Started gas flow to condition straws
    MRPC 2015-04-01 Emailed comments from William Billereau - add README for organisation of the output files, add corner alignment markers to the copper and silk layers.
    TimePix 2015-03-31 Meeting with TimePix experts Winnie and Erik
    Possible Neutron converters applied to the sensor
    FitPix USB readout card ~3000CHF
    TimePix readout + Si sensor + wirebonding ~1000CHF
    Data clock: 50MHz
    14 bits per pixel
    MRPC 2015-03-23 The PCB layout of Anode, Cathode and VHDCI adapter boards is done. Need to verify mechanical and electrical correctness.
    StrawTracker 2015-03-13 Visit SR1 to see CERN's STYX module
    Check the gas system in SR1
    Mix the gasses (Ar/CO2)
    MRPC 2015-03-11 Draft layouts for Anode and Cathode boards done.
    MRPC 2015-03-09 Met Adrian to discuss layout issues and power supply. Met PCB fabrication group (TS-DEM-PMT).
    MRPC 2015-03-04 First layouts.
    MRPC 2015-02-25 First meeting with Crispin and Adrian.


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