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ILCDIRAC for users

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 Warning, important The maximum size of an output sandbox is 10Mb. If the sum of the file sizes in there is bigger, the sandbox is not sent to the DIRAC sandbox store, but they are added to an archive send to the GRID. The Storage Element chosen depends on the site (usually a SE that's close to the site where the job ran). In this case, the retrieval from the web portal will fail with an error (missing sandbox), but the command line work as it retrieves the sandbox automatically from the GRID (not possible via the portal).

Monitoring the jobs, Webinterface

Warning, important Outdated, there is a completely different webinterfaces
  The web monitoring of jobs happen here: https://ilcdirac.cern.ch/DIRAC/ILC-Production/ilc_user/jobs/JobMonitor/display Connect to the ILCDIRAC monitoring page and you'll get something like the image below.
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