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Analysis recipe to use CASTOR objects with 2010 CMS OpenData

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Commissioning10 data period


This section is valid for 900 GeV and 7 TeV datasets taken during the Commissioning10 period in 2010.
More specifically for data:
More specifically for data (OpenData records here):
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 /MinBias_Tune4C_900GeV_pythia8_cff_py_GEN_SIM_START311_V2_Dec11_v2/hvanhaev-MinBias_Tune4C_900GeV_pythia8_cff_py_Step3_START42_V11_Dec11_v2-04745fc182f9123f750cb5f7764a36c5/USER /MinBias_Tune4C_7TeV_pythia8_cff_py_GEN_SIM_START311_V2_Dec11_v1/hvanhaev-MinBias_Tune4C_7TeV_pythia8_cff_py_Step3_START42_V11_Dec11_v1-86bcdbe9c73956c342e477ba771c41c7/USER
The OpenData records can be found in this list

Installation and setup

Before you can analyse data taken with the CASTOR calorimeter you'll need install a few extra packages into the CMSSW software.
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