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 If we need to patch a new T0 agent, then it is done during the deployment (in the 00_patches.sh script). Starting from the 2.1.5 T0 release, the 00_software.sh script becomes obsolete and the 00_patches.sh script is modified. Following the instructions for the WMCore, you need to take a PR/commit from GitHub and simply add a ".patch" to the end of its URL. Let's say there is a T0 PR: https://github.com/dmwm/T0/pull/4502 . Then one needs to add .patch to the end of the URL and the patch in raw format is displayed (the url then may change to something like: https://patch-diff.githubusercontent.com/raw/dmwm/T0/pull/4502.patch ). Once the patch URL is available, the T0 WMAgent can be patched.
Keep in mind that for patching a production agent, only stable and already tested PRs/commits should be used (basically the stuff which eventually gets merged into the DMWM T0 repository master branch).
 The following patch line has to be either added to the 00_patches.sh file if you want to apply patches during the deployment of a new agent or it has to be executed manually whenever desired (to have the patch in action, you need to restart the respective component or the whole agent after patching).
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