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Measurements of the properties of the new boson with a mass near 125 GeV

This is a condensed description with plots for the analysis CMS-PAS-HIG-13-005.
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2D test statistics q(κb, κτ) scan, profiling the other four coupling modifiers.

Including BSM decays

Plot Caption
The likelihood scan versus BRBSM = ΓBSMtot. The solid curve is the data and the dashed line indicates the expected median results in the presence of the SM Higgs boson. The modifiers for both the tree-level and loop-induced couplings are profiled, but the couplings to the electroweak bosons are assumed to be bound by the SM expectation (κV ≤ 1)

Generic search for deviations in the couplings (assuming SM loop structure) (not in PAS)

The search is performed with five independent coupling modifiers: κW, κZ, κb, κτ, κt.
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