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Measurements of the properties of the new boson with a mass near 125 GeV

This is a condensed description with plots for the analysis CMS-PAS-HIG-13-005.
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  Likelihood scan results for a fit to the data of the ratio of signal strengths in associated VBF and VH production (μVBF,VH) and the other productions modes (μggH,ttH). Using this ratio (μVBF,VHggH,ttH) the branching fractions fractions cancel out in each decay channel and the results of the different channels can be combined.
The best-fit μVBF,VHggH,ttH = 1.538+1.161-0.743 for a 3.21 standard deviation significance against a zero ratio.
Plot Caption
1D test statistics q(μVBF,VHggH,ttH) scan vs the ratio of signal strength modifiers μVBF,VHggH,ttH, profiling all other nuisances, for the different decay channels considered and their combination. The cross-section ratios σVBFVH and σggHttH assumed to be as in the SM.
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