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META TOPICPARENT name="SWGuideTrackAlignment"

Available Alignment Constants for Run II

Line: 291 to 289
321013 TrackerAlignment_PCL_byRun_v2_express_off Manually upload TkAl from PCL Run 321007 due to mistake by AlCa forgotten to switch on PCL HN announcement.
321496 TrackerAlignment_PostMD2_v3 New tracker alignment the post-annealing payload to improve further on top of TrackerAlignment _PostMD2_v2 HN announcement.
323230 TrackerAlignment_PreMD3_450V_v1 New tracker alignment for PreMD3 with 450V condition HN announcement.
323462   Manually upload TkAl from PCL Run 323419 due to rotations are larger than the tolerances for automatic deployment. HN announcement.
323643 TrackerAlignment_PostMD3_v1 New tracker alignment for PostMD3 consistent with v11 pixel templates HN announcement.
 Note: automatic uploading mode is now activated and can be monitored from here and here. The table above only presented IOVs from manual uploads (automatic PCL uploads are skipped).

TrackerAlignment _PCL_byRun_v1_express NEW

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