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Tau L1 Commissioning and HLT DQM

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  Remember to do it for all Tau paths in the file ..

How to run the Offline DQM code


Create a new area:

scramv1 p CMSSW CMSSW_2_1_0_pre6

cd CMSSW_2_1_0_pre6/src

Download the code:

cvs co -r V03-01-08 DQMOffline/Trigger

Build it:

scramv1 b

Run on QQH:

cd DQMOffline/Trigger/test

cmsRun HLTTauOfflineDQMTest_cfg.py

regarding the GUI And monitoring of the plots while it runs ,

same things apply as the Online DQM


MC Samples for DQM tests

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CRUZET data Analysis


L1 CRUZET data Analysis


How to run the code

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