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Upgrade Geometry Scenarios

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Status of runTheMatrix workflows

Note that this is how things stand in the current head of CMSSW_6_2_X_SLHC, so this is the status of what will become SLHC 10.

Scenario Test # GEN-SIM DIGI RECO Harvesting
2017 100xx Works Works Works Works
2019 102xx Works Works Works Works
BE5D 104xx Works Works Works Works
2017 FastSim 106xx Works ?
BE5D FastSim 108xx Works ?
BE5DForward FastSim 110xx Works ?
2019WithGEM 112xx Works Works Works Works
BE5DPixel10D 114xx Works Works Works Works
2017Aging 116xx Works Works Works Works
2019Aging 118xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023 120xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023Pixel 136xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023HGCal 142xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023HGCalMuon 122xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023HGCalMuon4Eta 144xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023HGCalV4Muon 148xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023SHCal 124xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023SHCal4Eta 126xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023SHCalNoTaper 138xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023SHCalNoTaper4Eta 140xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023TTI 128xx Works Works n/a n/a
Extended2023Muon 130xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023Muon4Eta 146xx Works Works Works Works
Extended2023CFCal 132xx Works Fails    
Extended2023CFCal4Eta 134xx Works Fails    

Known failures

13200 & 13400 (Extended2023CFCal & Extended2023CFCal4Eta) in step 2:

Note that this is how things stand in the current head of CMSSW_6_2_X_SLHC. If this list becomes out of date, it's possible to get the same information for whatever release you are working with using the command

Begin Fatal Exception 04-Apr-2014 20:57:50 CEST----------------------- An exception of category 'NoRecordFromDependentRecord' occurred while [0] Processing run: 1 [1] Running path 'digitisation_step' [2] Calling beginRun for module MixingModule/'mix' [3] Using EventSetup component CaloGeometryBuilder/'' to make data CaloGeometry/'' in record CaloGeometryRecord [4] Using EventSetup component HcalHardcodeGeometryEP/'' to make data CaloSubdetectorGeometry/'HCAL' in record HcalGeometryRecord [5] Using EventSetup component HcalRecNumberingInitialization/'' to make data HcalDDDRecConstants/'' in record HcalRecNumberingRecord Exception Message: No "HcalSimNumberingRecord" record found in the dependent record "HcalRecNumberingRecord". Please add an ESSource or ESProducer that delivers the "HcalSimNumberingRecord" record.
End Fatal Exception -------------------------------------------------
runTheMatrix.py -w upgrade -n | grep -E "^[0-9]{3}00" | awk -F "FourMuPt_1_200_" '{print $1$2}' | awk -F "_GenSim" '{print $1}' | sed -r s:"^([0-9]{3})00":"\\1xx":g
Scenario Test # Description
Extended2023HGCalMuon 122xx Current baseline HGCal (v5) detector
Extended2023HGCalMuonPU 150xx As above but with pileup
Extended2023HGCalMuonPandora 156xx Current baseline HGCal (v5) detector, but using Pandora for reconstruction
Extended2023HGCalMuonPandoraPU 158xx As above but including pileup
Extended2023HGCalV6Muon 132xx Development version of HGCal v6 geometry
Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee28_fh12 126xx De-scope version of HGCal-Pandora with missing layers
Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee28_fh12PU 170xx As above, but including pileup
Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee24_fh11 140xx De-scope version of HGCal-Pandora with missing layers
Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee24_fh11PU 172xx As above, but including pileup
Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee18_fh9 144xx De-scope version of HGCal-Pandora with missing layers
Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee18_fh9PU 174xx As above, but including pileup
Extended2023TTI 128xx Track trigger workflow (only up to digi and local tracker reconstruction)
2017 100xx
2019 102xx
BE5D 104xx
Extended2023Muondev 108xx
BE5DPixel10DLHCCCooling 110xx
2019WithGEM 112xx
BE5DPixel10D 114xx
2017Aging 116xx
2019WithGEMAging 118xx
Extended2023 120xx
Extended2023Pixel 136xx
BE5DPixel10DLHCC 146xx
2019WithGEMAgingPU 154xx
Extended2023HGCalNoExtPix 162xx
BE5DPixel10DLHCCNoDefect 164xx
BE5DPixel10DDefect 166xx
BE5DPixel10DCoolingDefect 168xx

The following workflows are obsolete or for development testing. You are advised not to use them unless you specifically know you need to. The obsolete workflows will soon be deleted and their numbers reused.

Scenario Test # Description
2017dev 106xx
Extended2023SHCal 124xx
Extended2023HGCal 142xx HGCal without muon upgrades (obsolete)
Extended2023Muon 130xx
Extended2023SHCalNoTaperNoExtPix 134xx
Extended2023HGCalV4 148xx
Extended2023SHCalNoTaper 138xx
Extended2023SHCalNoTaperPU 152xx
Extended2023SHCalNoTaperFast 160xx Shashlik with fast timer
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