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Upgrade Geometry Scenarios

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Status of runTheMatrix workflows

Note that this is how things stand in the current head of CMSSW_6_2_X_SLHC. If this list becomes out of date, it's possible to get the same information for whatever release you are working with using the command
Workflow numbers are 5 digits, where the first 3 digits correspond to a unique geometry and the last 2 to a particular physics process. Remember that you need the "-w upgrade" command for runTheMatrix, so for example to get QCD_Pt_3000_3500_14TeV (xxx35) in HGCal v6 (132xx) the command would be
runTheMatrix.py -w upgrade -l 13235

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If this list becomes out of date, it's possible to get the same information for whatever release you are working with using the command:
runTheMatrix.py -w upgrade -n | grep -E "^[0-9]{3}00" | awk -F "FourMuPt_1_200_" '{print $1$2}' | awk -F "_GenSim" '{print $1}' | sed -r s:"^([0-9]{3})00":"\\1xx":g
Test # Scenario
100xx 2017
102xx 2019
104xx BE5D
106xx 2017dev
108xx Extended2023Muondev
110xx BE5DPixel10DLHCCCooling
112xx 2019WithGEM
114xx BE5DPixel10D
116xx 2017Aging
118xx 2019WithGEMAging
120xx Extended2023
122xx Extended2023HGCalMuon
124xx Extended2023SHCal
126xx Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee28_fh12
128xx Extended2023TTI
130xx Extended2023Muon
132xx Extended2023HGCalV6Muon
134xx Extended2023SHCalNoTaperNoExtPix
136xx Extended2023Pixel
138xx Extended2023SHCalNoTaper
140xx Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee24_fh11
142xx Extended2023HGCal
144xx Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee18_fh9
146xx BE5DPixel10DLHCC
148xx Extended2023HGCalV4
150xx Extended2023HGCalMuonPU
152xx Extended2023SHCalNoTaperPU
154xx 2019WithGEMAgingPU
156xx Extended2023HGCalMuonPandora
158xx Extended2023HGCalMuonPandoraPU
160xx Extended2023SHCalNoTaperFast
162xx Extended2023HGCalNoExtPix
164xx BE5DPixel10DLHCCNoDefect
166xx BE5DPixel10DDefect
168xx BE5DPixel10DCoolingDefect
170xx Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee28_fh12PU
172xx Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee24_fh11PU
174xx Extended2023HGCalPandoraMuonScopeDoc_ee18_fh9PU

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The latest version of this table can be generated with:

runTheMatrix.py -w upgrade -n | grep -E "^100[0-9]{2}" | awk -F "_2017" '{print $1}' | sed -r s:"^100([0-9]{2})":"xxx\\1":g

Test # Scenario
xxx00 FourMuPt_1_200
xxx01 SingleElectronPt10
xxx02 SingleElectronPt35
xxx03 SingleElectronPt1000
xxx04 SingleGammaPt10
xxx05 SingleGammaPt35
xxx06 SingleMuPt1
xxx07 SingleMuPt10
xxx08 SingleMuPt100
xxx09 SingleMuPt1000
xxx10 TTbarLepton_Tauola_8TeV
xxx11 Wjet_Pt_80_120_8TeV
xxx12 Wjet_Pt_3000_3500_8TeV
xxx13 LM1_sfts_8TeV
xxx14 QCD_Pt_3000_3500_8TeV
xxx15 QCD_Pt_600_800_8TeV
xxx16 QCD_Pt_80_120_8TeV
xxx17 H200ChargedTaus_Tauola_8TeV
xxx18 JpsiMM_8TeV
xxx19 TTbar_Tauola_8TeV
xxx20 WE_8TeV
xxx21 ZEE_8TeV
xxx22 ZTT_Tauola_All_hadronic_8TeV
xxx23 H130GGgluonfusion_8TeV
xxx24 PhotonJet_Pt_10_8TeV
xxx25 QQH1352T_Tauola_8TeV
xxx26 MinBias_TuneZ2star_8TeV_pythia6
xxx27 WM_8TeV
xxx28 ZMM_8TeV
xxx29 ADDMonoJet_8TeV_d3MD3
xxx30 ZpMM_8TeV
xxx31 WpM_8TeV
xxx32 Wjet_Pt_80_120_14TeV
xxx33 Wjet_Pt_3000_3500_14TeV
xxx34 LM1_sfts_14TeV
xxx35 QCD_Pt_3000_3500_14TeV
xxx36 QCD_Pt_80_120_14TeV
xxx37 H200ChargedTaus_Tauola_14TeV
xxx38 JpsiMM_14TeV
xxx39 TTbar_Tauola_14TeV
xxx40 WE_14TeV
xxx41 ZEE_14TeV
xxx42 ZTT_Tauola_All_hadronic_14TeV
xxx43 H130GGgluonfusion_14TeV
xxx44 PhotonJet_Pt_10_14TeV
xxx45 QQH1352T_Tauola_14TeV
xxx46 MinBias_TuneZ2star_14TeV_pythia6
xxx47 WM_14TeV
xxx48 ZMM_14TeV
xxx49 FourMuExtendedPt_1_200
xxx50 TenMuExtendedE_0_200
xxx51 SingleElectronPt10Extended
xxx52 SingleElectronPt35Extended
xxx53 SingleElectronPt1000Extended
xxx54 SingleGammaPt10Extended
xxx55 SingleGammaPt35Extended
xxx56 SingleMuPt1Extended
xxx57 SingleMuPt10Extended
xxx58 SingleMuPt100Extended
xxx59 SingleMuPt1000Extended
xxx60 TenMuE_0_200
xxx61 SinglePiE50HCAL
xxx62 QCDForPF_14TeV
xxx63 DYToLL_M_50_TuneZ2star_14TeV_pythia6_tauola
xxx64 DYtoTauTau_M_50_TuneD6T_14TeV_pythia6_tauola
Scenario Test # Description
Extended2023HGCalMuon 122xx Current baseline HGCal (v5) detector
Extended2023HGCalMuonPU 150xx As above but with pileup
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