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Creating a StoreResults Request.

We were previously using the Savannah Interface to request and approve T2-T2 dataset migrations, including injection into GlobalDBS and CMS.PhEDEx using the StoreResults service. However Savannah is now retired. Therefore you should open a CMS GGUS (https://ggus.eu/?mode=ticket_cms) ticket instead with the following information:
  • Subject: Something like "Dataset elevation" should do.
  • Write in the body of the ticket the following information needed:
    • Input dataset: it has to be located at the same Tier-2 which is used to finally hold the group data in /store/results/
      • Please use the dataset name published in your local-scope DBS
      • Please create one request for each transfer
    • DBS URL: For example: "phys01" for https://cmsweb.cern.ch/dbs/prod/phys01/DBSReader. Do not insert the DBS url of the writer instance for example https://cmsweb.cern.ch/dbs/prod/phys01/DBSWriter.
    • CMSSW release: which should be used for merging step. In general, use always the version used for the dataset production, if the version is outdated please provide one that is able to read your data.
    • Physics Group:requesting the migration, this will determine the subdirectory below /store/results/ and sets the appropriate Phedex accounting group tag.
  • Type of Problem: Select "CMS_Central Workflows"
  • CMS Support Unit: Select "CMS Workflows"
Here is an awesome example of a ticket: 110773
  • The name of the dataset will be changed by the StoreResults service. Please see the section below for a description how to find your dataset once the migration is done
To create a StoreResults request follow these instructions

Old-Savannah conveners

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