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3.2 Which CMSSW release to use

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  • For data and MC:
    ssh lxplus.cern.ch
cmsrel CMSSW_7_6_3 cd CMSSW_7_6_3/src
cmsrel CMSSW_9_4_0 cd CMSSW_9_4_0/src

Current Analysis Release

The currently recommended Analysis Release is 7.6.X, which has been used to process all 2015 data so far.
The currently recommended Analysis Release is 8.0.X, which was used to process all 2016 data. For 2017 data analysis, 9.4.X will be used to process all 2017 data.
  For the latest and greatest, always update to the latest tags in the bug fix page.
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  MC data is not compatible between major release series - as such, you can't analyse Monte Carlo created for a much earlier release with code from a later release. This will improve with more backwards compatibility in the future as the analysis code stabilises more.
10_0_X is used for 2018 development

9_4_X is used for V2 DIGI-RECO and reprocessing all 2017 data

9_3_X is used for HGCal phase 2 production samples and 2017 V2 GEN-SIM samples

9_2_X is used for trigger and prompt reconstruction for 2017 data taking

9_1_X is used for phase 2 production samples and 2017 development

9_0_X is used for phase 2 production samples and 2017 development

8_1_X is used for 2017 development

 8_0_X is used for 2016 data taking and MC

7_6_X is in use for reprocessing the 2015 data and MC starting in November

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