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Generic Information Provider


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  The GIP reads in all the LDIF files from the static directory. Depending on the state of the cache, the information providers in the providers directory and dynamic plug-ins found in the_plugin_ directory are run and the output stored in a temporary directory before updating the cache. When the providers or plugins are executed, a lock file is placed in the lock directory to stop multiple instances being spawned. The dn is used to identify attributes and values from the same entry entry. The cached entries resulting from ruining information providers will overwrite entries from the static files. The cached values from the dynamic plug-ins will overwrite the values from static files and/or information providers. The resulting LDIF is then printed to standard out. Instead of putting plugins and providers directly into the directories, symbolic links or wrapper scripts can be used. This enables them to be turned on and off without having to uninstall them.


The GIP has only one configuration file:
  • /opt/glite/etc/gip/glite-info-generic.conf
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response 5 How long in seconds the GIP will wait for dynamic plugins before continuing
timeout 30 Timeout in sceonds for the dynamic plugins
-- LaurenceField - 31 Aug 2006
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