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Data Management
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  • create a new directory
  • download the tar file (available at the bottom of the page)
  • unzip the tar (tar xzvf).Omit the complaints. It is composed of 3 files (readme, config_file.data and MigrateLFC)
  • unzip the tar (tar xzvf).Omit the complaints. It is composed of :
    • src directory with all the sources
    • incl directory with the header
    • readme file (similar to the wiki page)
    • output directory (config_file.data to be filled in and the application MigrateLFC will be here)
    • Makefile (must be edited to put the correct location of the oracle and mysql lib)
  • fill in the config_file with the proper information. Each entry must be terminated by ; (a semi column)
  • Add to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, the path to liboci.so and to libmyslqclient.so
  • chmod +x MigrateLFC
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  -- LanaAbadie - 07 May 2007
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="MigrationMySQLOracle.tgz" attr="" comment="Application to migrate a table schema from MySQL to Oracle" date="1178526293" name="MigrationMySQLOracle.tgz" path="MigrationMySQLOracle.tgz" size="116682" stream="MigrationMySQLOracle.tgz" user="Main.LanaAbadie" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="MySQLOracleMigration.tar" attr="" comment="source code to migrate a MySQL DB to an Oracle DB" date="1201183987" name="MySQLOracleMigration.tar" path="MySQLOracleMigration.tar" size="133120" stream="MySQLOracleMigration.tar" user="Main.LanaAbadie" version="1"
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