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Week of 061106

Open Actions from last week: Costin and Miguel to try to understand cyclic nature of ALICE FTS transfer rates.
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  Our freshly configured metric was sampled at 13:31, and found 521 error messages. One minute later the actuator restarted LSF, and the scheduler problems stopped. So the full recovery chain works.
Good transfer rates for ALICE to IN2P3 (peaks over 100MB/s reported by GV) and SARA (closer to 150MB/s). Lost FZK from 15:00 UTC to 01:00 this morning. CNAF still unavailable. Transfers effectively stop 15:00 UTC. Due to an ALICE machine that crashed and had to be power cycled. Drop in overall rate when FZK added manually at 01:00 not understood - also affected DTEAM. To be followed up.

100% failure rates for CMS to ASGC, FZK and CNAF. 100% ATLAS failure rates (still source srm) to BNL, 73% to FZK.

CMS CSA06 ramping down. 50k jobs/day target met. Concerns on job output retrieval - 10hours / 200 jobs. To be followed up.


New Actions:

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