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META TOPICPARENT name="LCGGridDeployment"

WLCG VOBOX deployment documentation

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  The Certificate Authorities should get pulled in automatically via the grid UI.
Beware: CVMFS and/or
If the host certificate and key were not yet installed as /etc/grid-security/host{cert,key}.pem ,
please do that now (mind the key file needs to have mode 400 or 600).

Beware: CVMFS and/or

 HEP_OSlibs(_SL6) from the WLCG repository may also be required, e.g. for an ALICE VOBOX.
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Finally, ensure port 1975 is open for remote access to the GSI-OpenSSH service. \ No newline at end of file

NOTE: gsissh may prompt for a password if the SELinux context of the host certificate or key is incorrect.
To fix that, run this command:

      chcon -v --type=etc_t /etc/grid-security/host*.pem
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