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Jets subgroup

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Group Contacts

Daniele del Re (CMS)

Bruce Mellado (ATLAS)

Gavin Salam (Theory)

Frank Tackmann (Theory)


Available Tools

Settings for comparison studies

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 10) |eta_H - 0.5(\eta_j1 + \eta_j2)| [0,10] in steps of 0.5 11) pT_{Hjj} = |\vec{p}_{TH} + \vec{p}_{Tj1} + \vec{p}_{Tj2}| [0, 300] in steps of 5 GeV 12) Pi - \Delta\phi_{H,jj} [0, 1.5] in steps of 0.05


First comparisons can be found here.

Guidelines for UE related uncertainties

The following are guidelines for the estimation of UE related uncertainties in ggF and VBF processes:

1) Turn UE on/off for the nominal default tune (expect ~10-20% variations depending on selection cuts and tune)

2) Cross check on/off effect for alternative tunes (that are also deemed "reasonable")

3) Cross checks can include the use of tunes performed within a common framework but using different PDFs (eg. NLO v. LO, as is the case with AU2-CT10 and AU2-CTEQ6L1)

These studies will continue past the Moriond conferences. Based on the studies reported in here the following temporary guidelines are suggested:

1) For ggF+2j use 30% uncertainty

2) For VBF use 7% uncertainty

These uncertainties pertain to the normalization of both samples in the loose and tight VBF categories.






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