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WG3 NMSSM Topics of Interest

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Group organization

Please contact the following persons: WG3 conveners + NMSSM contacts.
Please contact the following persons: NMSSM contacts (Ulrich Ellwanger (TH), Eric Feng (ATLAS), Nadjieh Jafari (CMS), Maggie Muhlleitner (TH), Florian Staub (TH) ) and WG3 conveners.

Spectrum Calculators

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indirect detection: 4.73*10^{-30} (cm^3/s), bb (87%), tautau(8%)
Provided Material BP9_LDM2.spectr, BP9_LDM2.omega, BP9_LDM_report.pdf
-- RompotisNikolaos - 2015-01-20
-- EricFeng - 2018-02-12
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="spectr-h1h2.dat.txt" attr="" comment="BP8_P2" date="1447327542" name="spectr-h1h2.dat.txt" path="spectr-h1h2.dat.txt" size="58682" user="cbeskidt" version="3"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="inp-h1h2.dat.txt" attr="" comment="BP8_P2" date="1447327485" name="inp-h1h2.dat.txt" path="inp-h1h2.dat.txt" size="782" user="cbeskidt" version="3"
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