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META TOPICPARENT name="GaussDevelopment"

AppConfig and job specifications

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Upgrade-NoTruth.py Upgrade 'Minimal' .digi DST Reconstruction for LHCb upgrade simulation, saving only real data and pileup multiplicity
Upgrade-WithTruth.py Upgrade "Default" .digi DST Reconstruction for LHCb upgrade simulation, saving also MC truth containers
Upgrade-XDST-v35r6p1patch1.py Upgrade "Extended" .digi XDST Same as Upgrade-WithTruth.py but saving also MCHits, for use with Brunel v35r6 only
addDownstreamTracks.py additional options to add the Downstream tracks container to the DST
allTracksProtoP.py Additional options to make ProtoParticles for all track types (Brunel default is just [ "Long", "Upstream", "Downstream"]). Useful for data where Velo and/or TT are switched off. Do not use together with firstData.py
beamGas.py Additional options for reconstructing beam gas data
firstData.py Additional options to select tuning for first data. Available from Brunel v35r11
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