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Bookkeeping developments

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  The new Bookkeeping system is foreseen to be put in production by the beginning of November 2008: updated Check list of all the last pending issues.

Miigration plan of Bookkeeping(2011)

We are using pass indexes to describe a processing chain. The processing chain can have different steps. The processing pass is a group of the pass indexes which are compatible. The Production System are used to define a activity(the processing chain). The data processing can be simulation, reconstruction, reprocessing etc. The users can use the production system the define their requests for data processing. The current processing pass is created and published to the bkk when the production has been created. The processing pass created by the production manager or data quality person. This persons to create a production have to contact with the application persons to know the option files and different attributes. They can make mistake for example: typo, bad option file, forget the file list one stream file. etc. We decided to modify the existing processing passes. We are using steps. Each steps are defined by the application responsible person. They have to provide the option files and the input and output of each steps. The production request people can put together the processing steps.This make simple the production definition. This modification is affected the following systems: Bookkeeping, Production systems and work flow. The main modification has been done on the Bookkeeping system. We are considering the migration plan of bkk system, but also we try to summarize what we need to be done in the other system. You can found the migration plan in the following link Check list.

  -- PhilippeCharpentier - 10 Dec 2007
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