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Perfluoroketone C6K (Novec 649) as coolant for SCiFi





  • Test C6K with the thermal mockup, compare the cooling performance with C6F14
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    • v. 01.09.2015
  • Presentations
    • 18.06.2015 C6K and water
    • 25.06.2015 The valication tasks
    • 02.03.2015 Summary for NIKHEF
    • 25.06.2015 The validation tasks
    • 02.09.2015 Summary for NIKHEF

Status, summary:

November 2014

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  • 27.02 First meeting with L.Zwalinski, P.Tropea et al. on the "Novec 649 for ATLAS" initiative

March 2015

  • 04.02 M.Taborelli refused to participate in the project
  • 05.02 First EDMS-vesrion of the WP
  • 06-13.03 PG work on the work plan (or specs for sub-contractors)
  • 04.03 TE-VSC-SCC refused to directly participate in the project, remainig consultants
  • 05.03 First EDMS-version of the WP
  • 06-13.03 PG: work on the validation plan (or specs for sub-contractors)
  • 11.03 PG meeting with B.Kaiser (3M Switzerland). BK offered help in establishing a collaboration with 3M USA
  • 17.03 PG meeting with S.Sgobba (EN-MME-MM). SS recommended Cetim-Cermat as a sub-contractor. Once the WP is approved, a micro-workshop will be arranged with EN-CV-PJ, EN-MME-MM, TE-VSC-SCC and PH-LBO, to finalize the work plan
  • 17-20.3 PG search for alternative C6K suppliers, quotations by Chinese companies
  • 23.03 1st meeting with TE-VSC-SCC to discuss the validation plan, containers for irradiation
  • 26.03 SciFi general meeting. NIKHEF group delegates resonsibility for N649 validation to SciFi management
  • 27.03 First set of question to 3M is out (sent to bkaiser@mmmNOSPAMPLEASE.com)
  • 31.03 First contact with Ph. Tuma of 3M (he agreed to participate in N649 discussions)

April 2015

  • Regular (weekly) meetings with E.Thomas and M.Battistin
  • PG: Discussions with NIKHEF (N649 purchase, its compatibility with Ti, Ti brazing, chiller and booster pump for their test bench). I proposed to test the cooling bar at CERN
  • Containers for irradiations: design finalized, procurement of materials, production launched at EN/CV
  • NDA with 3M, the saga begins (first version sent to 3M on
  • Moving the old 156 lab to B. 169 (28.04: new lab inspection with B.Chadaj)
  • ~13.04 Procurement of material for the test strips
  • 21-24.03 Receipt of the 3M replies, 1st teleconference with Ph. Tuma and J.Owens
  • Inquiries abour ion-exchange resins (replies: Dow 24.03, Dynalene: 29.04)
  • 30.04 E. Thomas meets with S.Bertolucci, on the approval of the Novec validation project
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Discussions_on_14.11.2014.pdf" attr="" comment="Minutes 14.11.2014 (J.Mekki, B.Teissandier)" date="1416759374" name="Discussions_on_14.11.2014.pdf" path="Discussions_on_14.11.2014.pdf" size="284743" user="gorbunov" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="04-05.11.2014_Minutes_.pdf" attr="" comment="Minutes 4-5.11.2014 (meeting at at TE-VSC-SCC)" date="1416759527" name="04-05.11.2014_Minutes_.pdf" path="04-05.11.2014_Minutes_.pdf" size="112013" user="gorbunov" version="1"
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