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META TOPICPARENT name="DataQuality"

Calibration Requirements using Reconstructed Data

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  • This data would have to be reconstructed, probably at the pit (PLUS farm).


From this point the the MF and hot streams are equivalent.
From this point the MF and hot streams are equivalent.
  • The PLUS farm could be used to analyse them. There is a buffer of 30 TB at the pit (i.e. 10^9 events, or 6 days of 100% efficient running at 2 kHz), of which some could be used for this data. In principle data is deleted after some time but one could pin down some data for later use. This data should be used quickly and not kept for long time anyway. It is still possible to copy some of the data to some scratch space or laptop if needed.
  • One could migrate to castor.
    • Even distribute to Tier1s?
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