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Calibration Requirements using Reconstructed Data

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Muon ID


Offline processing

Typically the mass scale, i.e. the magnetic field will be determined to the full precision at the stripping level only.

Some calibrations will need detailed user analyses to be made. Typical examples are the D* and Lambda PID calibrations.

  • In principle these calibrations determine high level conditions, like the mis-ID rate.
  • In general the data quality flag in the bookkeeping should not depend on these jobs.
  • One must ensure that all data samples are surveyed by the appropriate jobs.
  • If possible these calibrations should be done automatically in the processing step.

Other sources of calibration

Online calibration

Some quantities will be monitored and calibrated using the monitoring farm. The result will be put in the condition database for use in the processing. See MF.

Calibration farm

This is special farm (so far of one node) that has access to special calibration events which are not saved. The calorimeter is the only user so far.


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