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  which says if the file has a replica.
Another useful chain of command is:

dirac-transformation-debug <Prod2> --Status Unused --Info files| dirac-bookkeeping-get-file-ancestors --All | dirac-production-check-descendants <Prod1>

where Prod2 is, for example, a Merging production and Prod1 is a Stripping one. In this case it's possible to understand whether the files are still Unused because the ancestors file where in some particular status, e.g. MaxReset.

 To perform the final checks on a given production the LHCbDirac command to be used is
dirac-production-check-descendants <prodID>
For Reco, Turbo or Turcal production, the command can complete in few hours, but for Stripping it can take much longer. To solve this problem these are the steps to perform when closing a production with final Merging steps (Stripping or Turbo), given that <prod1> is the Stripping/Turbo and <prod2> the Merging:
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