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  Vanya Beylaev developed the NBodyDecay tool. It proved to give an important gain in time consumption. Details can be found in this presentation. IMPORTANT: the use of NBodyDecay will become mandatory for multi-body lines in Stripping21. \ No newline at end of file

Change the default vertex fitter in DaVinci

With OfflineVertexFitter being no longer maintained, the default vertex fitter has become LoKi:VertexFitter. Although the vertex fitter can be specified in the combine particles used in the stripping line in the instances of CombineParticles

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#force OfflineVertexFitter usage
<YOURCOMBINEPARTICLE>.ParticleCombiners.update( { "" : "OfflineVertexFitter"} )

#force Loki:VertexFitter usage
<YOURCOMBINEPARTICLE>.ParticleCombiners.update( { "" : "LoKi:VertexFitter"} )
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However, these settings will not affect any CommonParticles eventually used as input to the stripping lines. In order to do that, the default vertex fitter has to be changed at a deeper level with the following instructions.

  • Getpack the head of Phys/DaVinciKernel
  • Within this package, find all the places where OfflineVertexFitter (or LoKi::VertexFitter since this is the new default one) appears, so far these were
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./src/Lib/DVCommonBase.icpp:    { ""     , "PropertimeFitter"     },
       ./Kernel/DefaultDVToolTypes.h:    static const std::string VertexFitter     = "OfflineVertexFitter:PUBLIC";
       ./Kernel/DefaultDVToolTypes.h:    static const std::string ParticleCombiner = "OfflineVertexFitter:PUBLIC";
       ./Kernel/DefaultDVToolTypes.h:    static const std::string ParticleReFitter = "OfflineVertexFitter:PUBLIC";
       ./Kernel/DVCommonBase.h: *      MyAgl.VertexFitters = { "" : "OfflineVertexFitter" ,
       ./src/Lib/DVCommonBase.icpp:    { "Offline"       , "OfflineVertexFitter:PUBLIC"    },
       ./src/Lib/DVCommonBase.icpp:    { "Offline"          , "OfflineVertexFitter:PUBLIC"    },
       ./src/Lib/DVCommonBase.icpp:    { "Offline"       , "OfflineVertexFitter:PUBLIC"    },
       ./src/Lib/DVCommonBase.icpp:    { "Vertex"        , "OfflineVertexFitter:PUBLIC"    },
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In the current HEAD of DaVinci you will already find the equivalent LoKi fitters as default.
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