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Which version of DaVinci do I have to use?

In order to perform any test for S21 you should use the DaVinci HEAD present in the nightlies build. In order to setup correctly the environment you have to do
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SetupProject DaVinci HEAD --nightly lhcb-no-reflex
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The branch "lhcb-no-reflex" is important in order to use the libraries built against ROOT5 (that will be the ROOT version to be used in S21). NOTE: Since the nightlies are places where the code is developed, sometimes the latest nightly build could be corrupted. Before deciding which nightly build to use, please check in the web page that Phys, DaVinci, and Stripping slots for the lhcb-no-reflex branch have green light (also yellow can be fine). If the newest correctly built nightly is from the last Monday, then you have to setup the environment in this way:
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SetupProject DaVinci HEAD --nightly lhcb-no-reflex Mon
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How do I check if I need RawEvents

If you don't know if your stripping line need or not the Raw part of event, just add this code to your options for testing stripping

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