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The LHCb Silicon Tracker Commissioning and First Data


The LHCb Silicon Tracker (ST) has been installed in the LHCb detector and was successfully put into operation in summer 2008. The ST plays a crucial role in reconstructing the trajectories of charged particles. It consists of two silicon micro-strip detectors, the Tracker Turicensis upstream of the LHCb dipole magnet and the Inner Tracker downstream of the magnet. Insights gained during the exciting commissioning phase, the problems encountered and their solutions are presented. The data collected during LHC injection tests in 2008 and 2009 allowed us to make a first measurement of the detector performance. The data is used to determine the mechanical alignment of the ST and to get a first estimate of detector resolutions and efficiencies. Furthermore, these tests have been extremely useful for tuning the operational parameters of the different parts of the Silicon Tracker.


TTStation.jpg Tracker Turicensis half open eps jpg
mpv.tiff Average charge (in ADC counts) per cluster for different trigger delay settings eps tiff

Tarball download

The tarball contains :
  • tex , bib and pdf of the 2 page summary
  • eps and jpg or tiff of the figures
  • Makefile for a .dvi file out of the .tex file (use it with 'make all')


2009 Florida IEE Conference, First Data, Commissioning

-- AngelaBuechler - 18 May 2009

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