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LHCb Core Software Meeting

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  • Modified the post-login script on CERNVM to make X509 environment variables pointing to the /cvmfs/grid.cern.ch directory (at Tier-1s we use what's provided or fall back to CVMFS if nothing available).
  • Plans to use the LCG externals from the SFT CVMFS repository.
    (...discussion...) That will make the CVMFS installation at Tier-1s more unreliable, so we decided to stick to the current scheme.
  • Fixed the desktop shortcut "LbLogin AFS" on the Windows terminal servers.
    Marco ca.: We should define the TS to be used by regular users agreed to use cernlhcbts03) and ensure that the software is installed on all the machines.


  • Testing a preview version of the new LCG Nightlies code.
  • Windows build not working on TS03 and TS04. Investigating.


  • Working to distribute SQLite databases through CVMFS


  • There was no need to change Gaudi for the support of the new ROOT persistency service (note that Boole and Gauss are not yet ported to the IOHelper).
    Marco Ca.: we must move the package to Gaudi as soon as it is stable (otherwise if/when we drop POOL, Guadi will not have a built-in persitency)

Marco Ca.

  • Reminder: the deadline for abstract submission to ACAT is the 2nd of July.
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