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LHCb Core Software Meeting

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  • Introducing Ben
    • He will join LHCb with librarian duties and more
  • ITUM meeting next Wednesday
 Marco Ca.: we will be asked in the near future if we want to keep or drop Windows.
  • Gloria: there will be and LHC Physics Workshop and we have been asked to provide a contribution (there is also a part on computing)
  • Deadline for CHEP abstracts is the end of the month
    • Philippe set up an indico agenda to collect abstracts for review
    • we should have the abstracts ready by next week
  • LHCb Week approaching

Discussion about Windows support

A long discussion followed, which I try to summarize here (including some more information than the one exchanged during the meeting).
A long discussion followed the comment about dropping Windows, which I try to summarize here (including some more information than the one exchanged during the meeting).
  The main reasons to build our software on Windows were (not in order of relevance):
  • non-GNU compiler (different/more warnings)
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  -- MarcoClemencic - 15-Sep-2011

Round Table



  • item 1
  • item 2

Marco Cl.


  • New LHCbDirac release with support for the new type of persistency (picked up from the XML file catalog)
    • being tested
  • Mails about TCK distribution problem
    • Marco Ca.: the TCK configuration parameters should be distributed via Oracle as the other conditions, and the read out configurations (cabling etc.) should be in the ONLINE partition.


  • Finishing the Windows tarballs for LCG 61
  • Working on LbLogin and install_project
    • introduce the package update hook required by the new distribution mechanism of SQLite databases (CondDB)
  • Convinced the developer of one of the generator libraries to use explicit linkage, so that we can avoid the no-as-needed/as-needed local tricks
    • Gloria: we have to check that it doesn't conflict with our overriding of symbols (used to inject our random seed in Pythia, for example)

Marco Ca.

  • The versions of the projects for the release are in a good shape
    • waiting for SQLDDDB (Marco Cl. will apply the patches and make the global tag)





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