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META TOPICPARENT name="ProductionOperations"

****WARNING This page is OLD/deprecated****


Creation of a production

all type of productions

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META TOPICPARENT name="ProductionOperations"

Creation of a production

all type of productions

  • create or choose a workflow

  • test the workflow with the requirements provided by the requestor

  • as soon as the test are ok, enter the production in the production database with the CLI : dirac-production-manager
  • create the production
createProduction MyWorkflow.xml
  • to activate your production
start <prodid>
  • you can force the automatic submissions of the jobs
setSubmissionType <prodid> Automatic
  • You need to set the processingpass for the production with the CLI : dirac-bookkeeping-processingpass-insert and fill the field

Simulation production specifc actions

  • For production with no input, you need to specify the number of jobs to be created inside the CLI : dirac-production-manager
extendProduction <prodid> <number_of_jobs>
  • you need to check if the simulation conditions are present or not in the database with the CLI : dirac-bookkeeping-simulationconditions-list
SimId: 5000      
  SimDescription: Beam5TeV-VeloOpen-BfieldZero
  BeamCond: None      
  BeamEnergy: None      
  Generator: None      
  MagneticField: None      
  DetectorCond: None      
  Luminosity: None      
SimId: 5709      
  SimDescription: Beam7TeV-VeloClosed-BgieldNeg
  BeamCond: Collisions
  BeamEnergy: 7 TeV     
  Generator: Pythia    
  MagneticField: -1        
  DetectorCond: VeloClosed
  Luminosity: Fixed 2 10**32
  • you need to enter the simulation conditions with the CLI : dirac-bookkeeping-simulationconditions-insert and fill each field.

-- JoelClosier - 21 Nov 2008

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