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 Golden Rule: Under no circumstances should you restart the PVSS project. If you need to restart it, call Kazu.

To aquire Data with beam

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  you need the ACDC3Tell1Control to reset, configure tell1s. Just click always on the highest level to change the states from not ready to ready using configure.
you should try to find the panel called Partition odin v202. if you dont know what recipe is loaded click on set recipe,

select ACDC3_lat133_extTriggers, select that one and then on the top level, the coulored button should go to not ready. go to it and click, do configure. the recipe will be loaded to the board. it will take 20 seconds or so. check if the green lights indicating that the auxiliary trigger, destination assignments, odin frontend, and trigger type broadcast are ticked, and the indicator shows green. If not tick the little boxes and do a get ready.

open a putty session to daq @ lbh8lx02.cern.ch the magic word you'll need is lhcbdaq. do source setupdaq and use the script takedata to take data.

execute like: takedata <string tag> , the string tag goes to the data file and will be followed by a time stamp.

this will run the event builder... there should come up a little window... this window has the buffer management... the last process running, mdf writer, will show you how many events you wrote to a file...

case things are weird go to recover system list of most common weird thinguies.

 From here down on, these informations are obsolete

Instructions to Acquire data:

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