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Testbeam 2008 - Data Analysis

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  Also spot that header cross-talk appears to be anomalous for TELL8. The PCN for TELL5 feeds the bits as expected. For TELL8 least significant bit seems to be swapped. Investigating. For those who desire to know what PCN is - its the pipeline column number for the Beetle. It is encoded in 8 bits at the beginning of every output on the chip (4 output/cjip ), 2 bits before each channel is read. The PCN "feeds through" into the observed ADC signals in the first and second ADC channels and must be removed.
PCN decoding First ten events Vetra left, Karol right
PCN decoding First ten events Vetra left, Karol right. These are for TELL5
114 117
84 147
163 68

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