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LHCb Data Quality Shift Page




Phone number: 16-1935 or from outside +41 76 487 1935


The shift timetable is here.

The list of volunteer shifters are Patrick Koppenburg, Thomas Ruf, Wouter Huslbergen, Stephanie Hansmann-Manzermer, Johan Blouw, Vanya Belyaev, Vava Gligorov, Mitesh Patel, Olivier Deschamps.


This section will have to be reorganised...

  • e-log
  • A script to run from the nightlies can be found at ~pkoppenb/bin/nightly.csh. Usage:
    <!-- SyntaxHighlightingPlugin -->
source ~pkoppenb/bin/nightly.csh Brunel [ day [ lhcb1 | lhcb2 ]]
<!-- end SyntaxHighlightingPlugin -->
    • Sometimes the Brunel requirements need to be hacked. See the e-log entry.

Useful Links

The DQ pages have moved to https://lbtwiki.cern.ch/bin/view/Computing/DataQuality.
  -- PatrickKoppenburg - 16 Sep 2008
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