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DaVinci Tutorial 2

The purpose of these exercises is to allow you to write a complete though simple selection algorithms for a typical decay: Bs → J/ψφ. Let's do the J/ψ→μμ first. We start for the algorithm created in DaVinciTutorial1.
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  The list of official particle names and their properties is stored in a database. To dump the current list you can run in a new window: %SYNTAX{ syntax="sh"}%
SetupProject LHCb
lb-run LHCb bash --norc
 dump_db_to_files.py -c sqlite_file:$SQLITEDBPATH/DDDB.db/DDDB -s /param/ParticleTable.txt -d ./ -v %ENDSYNTAX% This will create the ParticleTable.txt file in the subdirectory param of the current directory, which lists all particles and their properties.
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