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Connecting to the control PC of wiener crates

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What we have

For now, a temporary distrubuted project is ready for controlling most of the wiener crates in D3 area. It is not perfect, but you can save lots of time by using it.

What you need


What you need to do

 In order to control your own Wiener Create(e.g. power up and power cut), you need to make your project one part of the distributed system(Please set the system name following Clara's document for lhcb integration--https://edms.cern.ch/file/732486/2/ ). PC infdaia01w is handling all these wiener crates . You need to connect to it.

For controlling the wiener crates, you need to install fwCore and fwWiener component in you own project. For joining the distributed system, you need to add these items to the config file :

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