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LHCb File Summary Record

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What do I need to do to enable FSRs correctly?

  • FSRs are Gaudi constructs that can only live on Root-formatted output files, like SIM/DST etc.
  • To write FSRs needs special background services to be in place (an extra event store) and an extra writer to be added to each file (to write the FSRs).
  • IOHelper (and IOExample) are helper classes which wrap up all of the various things required to enable FSRs, which includes the special event store and special writers.
  • Most configurables with an "OutputFile"-like configurable option/slot use IOHelper correctly to add FSRs when required. These configurables might have a "WriteFSR" option to them, which by default is usually "True".
  • LHCbApp(), the most basic LHCb application, itself uses IOHelper to set up the underlying services. Since most LHCb applications also configure LHCbApp, you usually don't need to do anything here.
  • If you are not using LHCbApp, or some other automated output of an existing configurable you will need to call the right things from IOHelper yourself.
  • outputAlgs is a method of IOHelper which returns a list of algorithms, one of which will be an OutputStream-like object, another with be a RecordStream-like object. In case you are adding your own writer in the middle of a sequence, you need this method.
  • outStream is another method which does not return anything, but does automatically add write algorithms to the ApplicationMgr().OutStream, which is a sequence of algorithms run after all others.
  • setupServices() is another method which configures all the correct services, it is used automatically by LHCbApp.
  • For more details use the Doxygen or SVN of IOHelper, or use the in-built python help.

What's there in your FSR? How to check if everything is OK?

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