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META TOPICPARENT name="GaussUpgradeRunRecipes"

Upgrade Detector Combination Examples

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 CondDB().Upgrade = True CondDB().LoadCALIBDB="HLT1"
Latest global Tag as of Juy26 2017

LHCbApp().DDDBtag = "dddb-20170726" LHCbApp().CondDBtag = "sim-20170301-vc-md100" (for magnet down) LHCbApp().CondDBtag = "sim-20170301-vc-mu100" (for magnet up)

 Latest global tag as of March01, 2017 (with recent FT and Magfield updates) LHCbApp().DDDBtag = "dddb-20170301"
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 If needed to add with other tags, add the local tag VP-DDDBParam-Rearrange-20170228 in DDDB and
VP-SIMCONDCatalogue-Rearrange-20170228 as shown in other examples below.

Settings for Having VP Plan A

Use the Global Tag dddb-20170725

It is also possible use local tags for this if needed.


Settings for Having Elongated Pixel in VP

Use the SIMCOND global tag sim-20150716-vc-md100 for magnet down setup . (nominal config)
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Settings for using the major updated version of FT 6.2 as of July 2017

Use Global tag dddb-20170724
It is also possible to use local tags if needed


Settings for using the major updated version FT as of February11-2017

Use the DDDB and SIMCOND Tags as of Feb11-2017: dddb-20170211, sim-20170210-vc-md100, sim-20170210-vc-mu100
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